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Brenham Elementary, Alton Elementary, and Krause Elementary School 

Monday January 5

Tuesday January 6
chicken smackers or soft taco or sausage wrap, salsa, pinto beans, shredded cheese, bbq sauce cup, ketchup dunk cup

Wednesday January 7
pepperoni pizza or hot dog, sunset sip, corn, ketchup dunk cup, mustard

Thursday December 8
turkey sandwich and cheese stick or chicken nuggets or steak fingers, creamed potatoes, green beans, grape freeze bar, wheat roll, ketchup dunk cup, salad dressing, mustard, gravy

Friday December 9
personal pizza or hamburger, potato smiles, lettuce, tomato and pickle, mustard, ketchup dunk cup, salad dressing, cheese slices

Brenham Middle, and Junior High School

Monday January 5

Tuesday January 6
nacho grande or tangerine chicken or chicken smackers, pinto beans, salsa, corn, furtune cookies, ketchup dunk cup, bbq sauce cup

Wednesday January 7
chicken fried steak and gravy or wings of fire or oven fried chicken, creamed potatoes and gravy, green beans, wheat roll, ketchup dunk cup, ranch dressing cup

Thursday January 8
chicken rings or chef salad or Italian spaghetti, broccoli with cheese sauce, peas & carrots, grape freeze bar, ketchup dunk cup

Friday January 9
BBQ beef sandwich, crispito with chili or steak finger with gravy, onion rings, potato stix, ketchup dunk cup

Brenham High School

Monday January 5

Tuesday January 6
pepperoni calzone, breaded chicken burger, marinara sauce, potato wedges, lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion, ketchup dunk cup, salad dressing, mustard

Wednesday January 7
jumbo chicken fajita or Italian spaghetti, tossed salad, salsa, pinto beans, garlic toast, sour cream, ranch dressing

Thursday January 8
Jalapeno crust pepperoni pizza or tangerine chicken and fried rice, carrots, broccoli with cheese sauce, cookie

Friday January 9
chicken fried steak with gravy or chicken smacker, creamed potatoes and gravy, peas, wheat roll, ketchup dunk cup, bbq sauce cup

1% Lowfat Milk, water, chocolate fat free milk and fruit offered at every meal. Menu items subject to change to availability of product.  High School only: Reimbursable Burger/Pizza and alternate menu line offered daily.

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