School Menus



Brenham Elementary, Alton Elementary, and Krause Elementary School 

Monday September 15
pepperoni pizza, chicken nuggets, turkey sandwich and cheese stick, baby carrots, corn, breadstick, mustard, salad dressing, ketchup dunk cup, ranch dressing dipping cup

Tuesday September 16
turkey sandwich & cheese stick, soft taco, taco bowl, chicken smackers, salsa dunk cup, tossed salad, pinto beans, shredded cheese, ranch dressing, mustard, salad dressing, bbq sauce cup, ketchup dunk cup

Wednesday September 17
student holiday

Thursday September 18
turkey sandwich & cheese stick, crispito with chili, mini corn dog, nacho grande, tossed salad, salsa dunk cup, refried beans, chocolate chip cookie, mustard, salad dressing, ranch dressing

Friday September 19
chicken rings, hot dog, hamburger, turkey sandwich & cheese stick, lettuce, tomato, pickle, potato smiles,  ketchup dunk cup, mustard, salad dressing, cheese slices

Brenham Middle, and Junior High School

Monday September 15
chicken parmesan, pepperoni pizza, mini corn dog, corn, tossed salad, ranch dressing, ketchup dunk cup, mustard

Tuesday September 16
nacho grande, chicken rings, chef salad, refried beans, baby carrots, breadstick, ranch dressing dipping cup, ketchup dunk cup

Wednesday September 17
student holiday

Thursday September 18
tangerine chicken, chicken smackers, taco bowl, broccoli with cheese sauce, salsa dunk cup, pinto beans,  fortune cookie, ketchup dunk cup, bbq sauce cup

Friday September 19
chicken salad sandwich, hoagie, bbq beef sandwich, lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion, potato wedge, onion rings, ketchup dunk cup, salad dressing, mustard

Brenham High School

Monday September 15
tangerine chicken, jalapeno crust pepperoni pizza, mini corn dog, marinara sauce, green beans, potato wedge, egg roll, breadstick, ketchup dunk cup

Tuesday September 16
taco bowl, chicken fried steak, oven fried chicken, tossed salad, salsa dunk cup, creamed potatoes, refried beans, wheat roll, ketchup dunk cup, sour cream, ranch dressing

Wednesday September 17
student holiday

Thursday September 18
jumbo chicken fajita, golden crispy chicken tenders, bbq beef sandwich, tossed salad, salsa dunk cup, pinto beans, chocolate chip cookie, ketchup dunk cup

Friday September 19
pepperoni calzone, chicken salad sandwich, hoagie, waffle sweet potato fries, lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion, ketchup dunk cup

1% Lowfat Milk, water, chocolate fat free milk and fruit offered at every meal. Menu items subject to change to availability of product.  High School only: Reimbursable Burger/Pizza and alternate menu line offered daily.

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