The community of Brenham is remembering C.J. Richardson, a 13-year old student at Brenham Junior High School who succumbed to acute myeloid leukemia Wednesday, ten months after getting the diagnosis.
Donna Culliver, the founder of the Adam’s Angels Ministry, says C.J. suffered from the same kind of childhood cancer that her son, Adam, died from in January of 2003. Ms. Culliver noted the outpouring of love and concern for C.J. during his battle with cancer. She hopes the awareness raised by Adam’s Angels Ministry, helped the Richardson family during this ordeal.


C.J. died at the Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston. Funeral services are set for Saturday at one at Brenham Junior High School with the Rev. Artis Edwards officiating.
C.J. is the son of Charles Ray and Pamela Richardson. He was a 7th grader at the Junior High. He played Little Dribblers Basketball, AAU Basketball, and played two years with the Washington County Youth Football League. He also competed in the Knights of Columbus Free Throw Competition and qualified for the state championship where he finished third. He also played Little League baseball.
Culliver said she and her husband Tim were particularly touched by C.J. The Culliver’s founded the Adam’s Angels Ministry after the sudden death of their son Adam. This Ministry helps families who have a child with childhood cancer. This could include getting the children to medical treatment, helping with basic family needs, and emotional support.

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