The developers of the proposed Senior Citizens retirement village near downtown Brenham added one single unit to the complex and that, according to city staffer Julie Fulghum means the whole approval process has to begin again.

Marvelette, Hunter, Huntjon LLC Developers hopes to build a 76 unit apartment complex for seniors.  The Planning and Zoning Commission gave approval to the project and the Brenham City Council soon followed suit.

Then, says Fulghum said the developers wanted to add one unit. 

When the Planning and Zoning Commission meets Monday evening at city hall they will have another public hearing on the complex.  The complex will be built on a tract bordered by Liberty, North Market and Cottonwood Streets.

The developers want a 76 unit apartment complex that includes 52 one bedroom units, at 729 square feet.  They would also have another 24 two bedroom units of 990 square feet.

The Belle Towers Senior Community would match the size of Bluffview Villas for senior citizen housing.

The developers are applying for federal tax credits to build.  Fuglhum expects construction on the project to begin in the late summer.

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