Brenham School Board members will be getting some preliminary projections about the budget for the upcoming school year when they hold a special noon meeting today.

Assistant School Supt. Byron McAdams says the board will meet with the school district’s finance director Kim Horne, about average daily attendance, prospective spending increases and other factors when they begin to prepare for the year.


McAdams says it will be some months before a full budget picture comes into focus.

McAdams says soon after the Board gets the report, they will travel up the road to see the construction site of the new Alton Elementary School.  Alton School Principal Michael Ogg says he has already toured the building he will work in during the next school year and says it is really taking shape.


Ogg says this new school site, at 1200 South Market is a great improvement over the current school, mostly because of the newer facilities and that the school is more compact, providing easier access for the students.

The new Alton Elementary School should be open for the next school year, along with the newly renovated Brenham Middle School.

The Brenham School Board meets today (Monday,) at the school district administrative offices at 711 Mansfield.

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