Months of discussion and controversy over a plan that would put armed professional personnel on each of the campuses of the Brenham School District may be resolved at Monday night’s meeting of the School Board when they could take a vote on the Angel Guardians plan

Brenham School Superintendent Sam Bell first put the Angel Guardians security program before the School Board at their July meeting. He had begun searching for ways to improve school safety since the Sandy Hook shooting incident last December in Newtown, Connecticut.

The proposal would have one armed professional on each campus.  The professionals would need to have a concealed handgun license for at least a year, they would need extensive training, pass a rigorous psychological examination and get final approval from the School Superintendent.

The School Board has held at least five discussions about the proposal since July.  The plan has a strong supporter in guns rights advocate John Deans.


The proposal has also drawn critics.  Retired teacher LaSandra Sanders presented a petition of over 300 names to the Board at their last meeting in October, questioning the need for firearms on campus.


The Board came close to taking a vote at their October meeting but Board President Melvin Ehlert raised an additional issue.  He wanted to know what kind of stipend the armed professional would receive. Ehlert has repeatedly questioned Supt. Bell’s ability to administer the plan.

The Brenham School Board meets Monday night at six at the Brenham High School Lecture Room.

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