Senior Center drawing

Be a  2017 "Champion for Seniors"! Your gifts to the Brenham Senior Activity Center will enable senior citizens to remain active independent, interested and involved in our community. You will help provide homebound and center dining room meals, daily transportation and activities, educational opportunities, garden and art supplies and more. Have you heard about "The Lilypad Project" benefitting children receiving treatment at M.D.Anderson?  Our seniors love giving back! One of our current need is another "new to us" van and driver- we have a waiting list that will fill it every day. Need a gift for someone? Honor them with a contribution that will impact the lives of many. Call us with details and your honoree will receive a handwritten note from one of our seniors. A memorial for a friend or loved one who made a difference in the lives others will continue their legacy and be a blessing in the lives of our senior citizens. Each gift will be used carefully in the area of most need.

You are welcome to drop by for a tour anytime we are open and volunteers will answer any questions.

We appreciate every donation!

You may contribute by check to "Champion for Seniors"

P.O.Box 401
Brenham, TX 77834
or by calling (979)836-6552

or online

Grand Champions

(those committing to a gift of $1000.00 or more for each of the next three years)

Teddy Boehm
Jan & Jerry Calvert
Joyce Covington
Denise Ebert
Vicki & Gary Friedman
Carol Montgomery
Kenneth Mueller
Jeannine & Bill Neinast
Susan & Doss Pruitt
Dottie & John Schaer
Twila & Milton Tate
Darla & Nathan Winkelmann


Champion For Seniors Donors

James & Barbara Chovanec
Gaye Harkins
Gertrude Addicks & Michael Addicks in memory of Chris Herzog
Janice Dougall Melcher
James & Barbara Chovanec
Citizens State Bank in memory of Mary Adele Goss
Raymond Walker
Don & Karen Voelter in memory of Chris Herzog
Dixie Mark & Fred Atkins
M. Sue Anderson in memory of Nolan Nitsche
Seidel Schroeder in memory of Mary Adele Goss
Pam Wood
Delbert & Terry Boeker in memory of Paul LaRoche, Jr.

Glenn & Jenifer Amerson
Larry J. Arnie
Betswest Foundation
Blue Bell Creameries, L.P.
Boehm, LP
Douglas R. Borchardt
Brenham Lodge #6 Order The Sons of Hermann
Brenham National Bank
Gertrude B. Burleson
Christ Lutheran Foundation, Inc.
Del Sol Food Co., Inc.
Dr. Wilfred Dietrich
Herbert Foelber
Gaye P. Harkins
Jimmy Haskins
John & Lori Hasskarl
Carolyn Heidemann
Mary Ann Herndon
Hochheim Prairie Branch 202
Roy & Virginia Kolar, in honor of Lete Phillips
Alice Kyle
Donna Lee
Justin & Amy Lischka
Carolyn Sue Maass
Kenneth Miller
Lucille Miller
Lida Mueller TTEE
Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Mueller
Ardell & Nadine Muske
Lloyd & Patricia Quebe
James & Dorothy Rothermel
Dave Redden
Brenda Rogers
St. Paul’s WECLA
Southeast Texas Crematory
Milton & Twila Tate, in honor of Lete Phillips
Don & Kerri Woltmann in memory of Paul LaRoche, Jr.
Anonymous, made in honor of Ruth Neckar

Classic Care Cleaners and Laundry
Silver Wings Ballroom
Michael Kelling Photography
Blinn College Food Service
Blinn College Volleyball
Virginia Boeker
Susan Appel
Linda Blum
Robin Cook
Lynda Dixon
Diane Gillespie
Regina Holtkamp
Nita Hyatt
Susie Houston
Donna Kelling
Debbie Lehrmann
Cynthia Robinson
Barbara Saunders
Dottie Schaer
Charlyn Schoenvogel
Susie Seidel
Cathy Stuckert
Gaye Harkens
Kenneth & Paula Moerbe
Terry & Delbert Boeker in honor of Lonnie & Dorothy Addicks’ 65th wedding anniversary
Collin Schroeder
Steve & JoLynn Davis
Nina Hopkins

Don & Florence Ahrens
Larry Alders
Eric &  Katie Alford
Ron & Deanna Alfred
Kurt & Lauren Alfred
John & Shirley Anderson
M. Sue Anderson
Susan Appel
Linda & Darrell Blum
Mrs. Theodora Boehm
Trey & Cathy Boeker
Thomas & Susan Bullock
Chris & Candace Bullock
Jerry & Jan Calvert
Aaron & Jennifer Campbell
Joyce Covington
Danny & Penny Dahlquist Plumbing
Ray Daugbjerg
Drs. Wilfred & Bobbie Dietrich
George Dillingham
Tieman H Dippel III
Larry & Joanne Doherty
Jim & Ellen Ellison
Bob & Judith Finke
Cory & Christi Flencher
Dr. Gary & Vicki Friedman
Dr. Bob & Weda Frierson
Weldon & Virginia Gaskamp
Clarence Gerke
Robert Grabarschick, Sr.
Darryl & Linda Herrmann
Larry & Deborah Hintz
A.W. & Virginia Hodde, Jr.
Don & Regina Holtkamp
Johnnie Jankowiak
Sue Johnston
Sally Jones
Atwood Kenjura
Catherine Kenjura
Clinton & Diane Kettler
Jim Kruse
Paul & Barbara Kruse
Tom Whitehead KTEX/KWHI
Howard & Alice Kyle
Paul & Charlotte LaRoche
Debbie Lehrmann
Barney & Ashley Loesch
Dr. William & Michelle Loesch
Ronnie & Pat Lueckemeyer
Harvey & Reagan McIntyre
Jeff & Amanda McVean
Erwin & Ruth Meier
Tamy Metzger
Robert & Marita Mikeska
Elen Moncrieff
Carol Montgomery
David & Christy Moran
Dorothy Morgan
Charles & Peggy Moser
Robert Mott
John & Carol Muegge
Kenneth Mueller
Mike Mushaway
Susan Myers
Bill & Jeannine Neinast
William & Dee Pennybacker
Joe Al & Merle Picone
Joan Poerschke
Doss & Susan Pruitt
Wende Ragonis
Julie Renken
Joel & Denise Romo
John & Dottie Schaer
Joel & Susan Schretenthaler
Bob & Charlotte Smith
David Sommer
John & Betsy Striegler
Deborah Sutherland
Milton & Twila Tate
Leon & Mimi Toubin
Keith & Elizabeth Twiggs
Eddie Van Dyke
Don Voelter
Vicki Sue Wehmeyer
Nathan & Darla Winkelmann
Don & Kerri Woltmann