A “die-in” protest will take place this Saturday at U.S. Rep. Michael McCaul’s Brenham office in objection to his recent vote on health care.

The protest will happen outside of Rep. McCaul’s office at 2000 S. Market Street in Brenham from noon to 1:30.

A die-in, sometimes known as a lie-in, is a form of protest in which participants simulate being dead.

"The die-in is simply a visual aide in expressing the general feelings and discontent with what our legislators have done with health care" says Sally Clinton, a participant in Saturday's event. "We are objecting to their destruction of the American Health Care Act and destroying coverage for millions of people."

A group of rural Texans is putting on the event, upset with U.S. Rep. McCaul about his stance on health care and his failure to conduct a town hall meeting.

“Citizens from many communities in Rep. McCaul’s congressional district have implored him to hold one or more town hall meetings so that we can understand his positions on a number of issues, particularly health-care” stated a press release.  “We also want to let him know what we think. But our numerous requests have been ignored. That is why we are taking the extraordinary step of a nonviolent 'die-in' to highlight our frustrations.”

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