There was another spirited discussion on the Blinn College restructuring plan at last (Tuesday) night’s meeting of the Board of Trustees, with the Board President answering concerns and conflicts and a large contingent of faculty and staff still expressing dissatisfaction with the plan.

Board President Doug Borchardt began the discussion by praising the faculty members who spoke up at the March meeting of the Board and said that the Board will take into account their ideas during the restructuring process.  Borchardt said further they were working with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools in the accreditation process and this plan is instrumental in improving the education environment at the college.


Bliin Board President Doug Borchardt responds to faculty concerns about the restructuring plan and Blinn President Harold Nolte looks on.


Boachardt’s statement did not satisfy the large gathering of faculty and staff that crowded into the Board’s meeting room in the administration building on the Brenham Campus.

Blinn College Faculty Senate President Mark Brenier was first to speak, saying with the repeated ‘rebuffs’ of comments from the faculty, the Senate had voted a “Resolution of Concern” to President Harold Nolte.

Bryan Campus Government Professor Joe Engle was passionate as he decried  the lack of communication on a range of issues that immediately affect the learning process at Blinn College.  He said it took a ‘near faculty revolt’ before the Board and Administration opened up communications.


Blinn College President Harold Nolte began a restructuring plan soon after he took office.  The plans include putting deans in charge of each of the departments, allowing the department heads more time in the classroom, more frequent but short class meetings.

The Board will continue these discussions but with more input from the faculty.

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