At the regular meeting of the Washington County Commissioners Court this morning the commissioners reviewed a financial report from the county auditing firm.  They reported that the county is financially sound with over 25 percent held in reserves.  Those reserve funds will be needed to help fund the upcoming transfer of emergency communications from the city to the county.

The commissioner also awarded the oil, gas, and mineral lease on the 698 acres of county owned school land in Tom Green County to Patrick Fairchild, who has previously held the lease.

Joy Fuchs small

County Commissioner Joy Fuchs

Also at the meeting, the commissioners accepted a $1000. donation from an anonymous donor for the repair of the gazebo next to the courthouse.  Commissioner Joy Fuchs explains that the county would like to split the cost of the repairs between the county and public donations.



The gazebo was originally built in 1976 for the Bicentennial, and is used for numerous speeches, and events.  Built of wood, it is in need of extensive repairs in order to keep it safe for future events.


The gazebo at the Washington County Courthouse

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