Brazos County Sheriff’s deputies believe they know who is impersonating a law enforcement officer, making phony traffic stops on women drivers, then sexually assaulting them.

The deputies are continuing their search for the man they believe is in his mid-30s.

Investigators say the latest case involved a woman driver on Highway 30 in Brazos County.  A man in a car equipment with police type lights stopped a woman, told her to get out of her car, then forced her into the back seat and assaulted her.

A spokesman for the Brazos County Sheriff’s office says that law enforcement officers have the obligation to identify themselves and prove they are law enforcement officers.   He goes on to say to lock your windows and doors, even dial 911 to confirm the person who has just stopped you is indeed a law enforcement officer.

The suspect in the latest case remains at large.  Investigators say he was driving a black or dark colored Dodge Charger with flashing lights in the grill.

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