Just before 1pm on Saturday afternoon, 12 inmates in the Washington County Jail caused a small disturbance, which resulted in a large amount of first responders arriving at the jail.

According to Washington County Sheriff Otto Hanak, the inmates are currently in a 24-man section in the jail, and began “refusing to follow instruction and orders given by staff.” What followed included the inmates beginning to escalate their behavior, to which the jail answered by having the full force responding.

Hanak stated they have this response to ensure that there remains a level of total control, should the situation ever end up getting out of hand.

In this case, however, the Sheriff was able to sit down individually with each inmate, and work out with a solution for the time being.

Hanak explained that, when entering the Jail, each inmate is assigned a classification status. These particular inmates expressed dissatisfaction with their particular classification. While there is no guarantee they will be changed, there “may be moves” for those who qualify.

According to Hanak, while EMS and the Fire Department were both present, there were no injuries or fire during the incident.


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