Enrollment is booming at Blinn College. 

The college reports 16,780 students registered for the spring semester on its Brenham, Bryanand Schulenburg campuses and saw a 15 percent increase in its online enrollment.

Overall, the college’s spring enrollment has grown by 27.9 percent since 2007.  Blinn’s continued upward trend continued at a time when community college enrollment is down across the country.  The National Student Clearinghouse Research Center recently reported that community college enrollment fell by 3.1 percent last fall after a similar dip in 2012.

The Blinn-Bryan campus grew by 2.3 percent to 11,463 students, while the Brenham Campus saw a 2.5 percent growth with 2229 students.  Schulenburg grew by 5.5 percent to 210 students and Sealy enrolled 112 students.

Blinn’s largest increases came in Distance Learning, the college’s online education program.  Distance Learning saw a 15 percent growth with 1160 student enrolled only in online courses.  Overall, almost 4000 student at Blinn are taking their courses online.

Blinn’s academic transfer rate is the highest in the state and more than 20 percent higher than the state average.  Its Transfer Enrollment at Texas A&M,or TEAM Program,is a unique co-enrollment program that allows hundreds of additional students to qualify for Texas A&M’s freshman class each year, received the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board’s Recognition of Excellence.

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