Ya’Hashoa is the newest of the Jewish Holidays. It commemorates the millions who died in the Nazi holocaust in the 1930s and 40s. 

This year, Brenham and Washington County will remember this day as the third annual Holocaust March comes to the Cannery Kitchen on Saturday, April 26th.

The registration begins at  one pm with the opening ceremonies beginning at two pm.  This program includes a reading of testimony by Zoli Zamir, a Romanian survivor of the holocaust, and his descendants.

All who march will be asked to honor those who fought for freedom, the rescuers who risked their lives and the soldiers who fought and sacrificed in World War Two.

Speakers will include State Rep. Lois Kolkhorst and a descendant of a Nazi party member.

The Rev. John Paul Cruz of the Cornerstone Christian Center says they will have three places of prayers, including the old synagogue on north Park, and the Veterans Memorial at Fireman’s Park.

The march was held in Chappell Hill last year.

Marchers will go through downtown, around the square to Fireman’s Park.

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