Montgomery County Sheriff’s investigators say a woman was robbed in the Kings Manor Subdivision of Kingwood when she answered the door to a man posing as a postal worker Friday afternoon.

The man was holding a firearm and a package when she came to the door.

Investigators say deputies were called to the scene during the noon hour Friday.

The women answered the door when she saw an African-American male dressed in what looked like a postal workers uniform.  When she opened the door, three more men with handguns rushed in the door and demanded money.  Deputies say the victim was struck in the face, knocked down, and bound in the kitchen.  The victim reportedly had four children upstairs and one of them was bound by the suspects.

The suspects allegedly took numerous items, including cash and jewelry, before fleeing the location.  One of the children was able to call 911 after the suspects left.  The search for the suspects continues.

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