Local Congressman Michael McCaul says he was not impressed with President Obama’s State of the Union Address to Congress last (Tuesday) night.

The 10th District Republican Representative reacted within moments of the end of the address and he was highly critical.

McCaul said he heard ‘more of the same failed policies that have done nothing to jump start the economy nor create jobs.

He went on to say he was ‘disappointed’ that after five years as president ‘he doesn’t recognize the pressing matters facing the county.’

McCaul said further that the speech was most notable for what it did not include.  He said the President neglected to tell the American people how he plans to bring the unemployment rate down or reform what he calls ‘out of control entitlement programs.’ 

The Congressional Representative for Brenham and Washington County, has always opposed the President’s health care reforms and McCaul reminded his constituents of that once again.  McCaul said President Obama failed to address what he called ‘the fatal flaws’ of Obama Care.. 

McCaul has had a special interest in border security, especially now that he is the Chair of the House Homeland Security Committee.  McCaul said the President mentioned nothing about how he intends to secure the border, ‘instead focusing on his desire to offer amnesty for the millions of illegal immigrants living here.’

Congressman McCaul said what what most  of his Republican colleagues in the House have said that ‘instead of working with the House of Representatives to achieve legislation that benefits the American people, the president threatened to go it alone.’  

McCaul concluded by saying that he would continue to work with his fellow Republicans in the House to pass what he called ‘pro-growth, pro-security legislation and offer leadership on the difficult challenges facing this nation.’

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