The City of Navasota is making a strong push to improve its ISO ratings.

A city’s Insurance Services Office ratings helps establish fire insurance premiums for residential and commercial properties. Higher ratings could produce lower insurance premiums for homes and businesses.

Chief Jason Katkoski

Chief Jason Katkoski

According to the Navasota Examiner, Fire Chief Jason Katkoski presented the recommended goals to the city council last week.  

Katkoski says the goals are based on an evaluation of the city’s fire suppression capabilities by Mike Pietsch Consulting Services.

Katkoski reported that since the 1990s, the city’s ISO Public Protection Classification rating has improved from a five to a four, based on Pietcsh’s assessment.

The report explains that 10 percent of the grading point total is based on how efficiently calls for emergency service are received and dispatched, while 50 percent is based on the infrastructure of the fire department, and 40 percent is based on the community’s water supply, distribution system, and proximity of fire hydrants to existing structures.

Katkoski says he has set a goal to improve the ISO PPC to a three, and within five years to a PPC of a two.

Amongst others, recommendations to improve the ISO rating are to add a ladder truck to the department’s fleet and increase staffing.


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