The Brenham School Board held the fifth discussion on the Angel Guardian’s program, a proposal to arm a professional on each of the district’s campuses last (Monday) night, and there will be at least one more.

The Board, meeting at Brenham High School, heard from the public, engaged in a sometimes testy discussion among themselves, before deciding there was more to discuss before they take a vote.

The meeting began with public comments. Retired BISD School teacher LaSandra Sanders presented a 301 signature petition to the Board from members of Citizens for Community Progress saying more questions need to be asked.

Angel Guardian’s program supporter John Deans countered by saying it is the duty of the school district to protect the children in our schools.  Deans said it was time the ‘sheep dogs protect the sheep.’

John Deans told the school board that gun free zones are 'killing zones.'

John Deans told the school board that gun free zones are 'killing zones.'

The Board discussions had further questions. BISD Supt. Sam Bell began by presenting clarifications of the policy. 

Board Secretary Natalie Lange, who had described herself as being on the fence, said she was taking another look and asked the principals and assistant principals in the audience about their attitudes on the proposal.  All said they would support the policy if it were adopted.

Board President Melvin Ehlert asked about the stipend for the armed person on each campus.  Supt. Bell said that had not been worked out but believed it would be between $5000 and $10,000 a year.  Lange too, questioned the stipends, along with Board Member Susan Jenkins. Board Member Ray Weiss said they were not ready to take a vote last (Monday) night because the stipend and financing issues had not come up before.

Ehlert repeatedly questioned Supt. Bell’s ability to administer the program.  That brought on an angry response from Weiss, saying the comments were  unnessesary while several members of the audience called the comments 'a ‘cheap shot.’

The Brenham School Board will continue its discussions and perhaps take a vote at their next meeting.

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