The Salt Grass Trail Riders is heading out this weekend to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

The legend has it that one time Brenham Mayor Reese Lockett, after a rocky airplane ride back from a college bowl game declared he would never go anywhere he couldn’t get to on his horse.

Salt Grass Trail 4

A few weeks later however, came the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo and he wanted to go.  That was the beginning of the Salt Grass Trail Ride.  It is a weeklong trek on horseback to the big rodeo, that continues to grow. After years of beginning in Cat Springs the ride came back home to Washington County a couple of years ago.

Dickie Davis, the Trail Boss of the Trail Ride says some 800 riders came  the fairgrounds on Friday to prepare and rest for a day before they pull out for the Rodeo. They will prepare for the long ride with a Circle Ride around Brenham.

After a seven mile ‘Circle Ride’ around Brenham, the riders will begin the long ride on Sunday morning, with plans to get to Houston’s Memorial Park on Saturday March First.

Salt Grass Trail 3

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