Voters in the Somerville School district will be casting ballots on  proposed $12.5 million bond issue that would build a new elementary school, renovated the high school, a new cafeteria  and more parking space for the high school and elementary school staff.

Somerville School Supt. Charles Camarillo unveiled the plans at a school board meeting last week. 

The proposal calls for construction one new elementary school at the current junior high school site, including a new elementary school gym.

The junior high building, which has been vacant for over two years, would be demolished for the new elementary campus.  The new cafeteria will include a new kitchen separating the new vocational education building and new brick to match the elementary campus.

The typical property owner would be paying higher taxes if the bond issue is approved.  A $50,000 home would see a rise of their property taxes by 38 cents per one hundred dollar valuation, meaning about $139 a year.

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