The only county wide race in Washington County in this year’s election is also one of the most contested.

Eric Berg small

Eric Berg


Assistant  District Attorney Eric Berg is challenging long time incumbent Matthew Reue for County Court  at Law Judge.

Berg says judges should never feel like being judge is simply their ‘job’ but rather a case in which the people have placed their trust in you in order administer the law.  He believes he can do that more effectively than the incumbent.





Matthew Reue reversed

Matthew Reue



Matthew Reue was first elected in 1994.  He believes his time on the bench has taught him a lot and he has become familiar with community and its needs.  He says further that Washington County is his home and that makes his job all the more important to him.

The County Court at Law deals with family law, juvenile and misdemeanor cases.




Both Reue and Berg are running in the Republican primary and there is no Democrat on the ballot.

Early voting continues through Friday and election day is Tuesday, March 4th.

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