John Durrenberger
(Campaign Photograph)

A local man has announced he’s running for Washington County Judge.

John L. Durrenberger has announced his candidacy for County Judge in the upcoming March 2018 Republican Primary.

Durrenberger retired from his 30-year role with Mike Hopkins Distributing Company where he recently served as Vice-President & General Sales Manager.

In a statement released Monday, Durrenberger said, "Having just retired from a fast-paced career this past May, I can now turn my attention to helping our county.  After much prayer, my wife and I take this commitment seriously.  Our county will face inevitable growth and new challenges in the future, and this is why I offer my proven leadership and business skills to work for the betterment of all.  Washington County employees are dedicated individuals and I applaud each department’s commitment to our residents.  As we experience new businesses, neighborhoods and residents, we must also preserve our county’s resources and ensure we utilize the expertise of our county employees, partnerships and neighbors strategically,” stated John Durrenberger.

Local business leader, John Barnhill said, “I am honored to serve as Campaign Treasurer for the Durrenberger campaign because of my strong faith in his talents to guide Washington County through the future. We need fresh new leadership that is flexible, fosters unity in the community, and is transparent and collaborative.  This is what we can expect of John Durrenberger.”

“John will be a leader who will listen,” stated Washington County resident and financial consultant Bob Davis. “I have never seen John disrespect anyone even when he has to say no.  I am confident everyone will receive fair treatment from John L. Durrenberger as their County Judge.”


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