Washington County is now up to 191 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 25 deaths.

The eight cases reported Wednesday were in seven women and one man, all from Brenham, ranging from their 30s to their 80s.  One of the patients is an employee of the Brenham Nursing and Rehabilitation Center (BNRC), which removed one resident case from the confirmed list after county officials discovered the patient was not a county resident.

Wednesday’s death was said to be a member of the general public.  Twenty-two of the county’s 25 COVID-19 related deaths have been linked to the BNRC.

Of the 191 positive cases in the county, 115 are active.  Eleven patients are currently hospitalized, while 51 have recovered from the virus.

A total of 109 cases have been reported at the BNRC, consisting of 86 residents and 23 employees.  Of the facility’s 75 active cases, three patients remain hospitalized, and 12 have recovered.

As of Wednesday, county officials have performed an estimated 1,321 COVID-19 tests, 127 of those at the BNRC.

The full list of confirmed cases in the county can be seen at www.washingtoncountyems.net/covid-19-confirmed-cases.  To visit the JIC website providing COVID-19 information, click here.

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  1. May be this can help some people because the virus is air born and it cant be distroyed unless theres a vacine. So be patient. Have you ever went cast fishing with a net to catch bait or fish? Well, try putting a virus protector filter where your return air goes because if that virus is in a condition space it is forced the the return air supply. All particules that is unseen is forced to the return air filter where it is trapped. If a person that had the virus comes into your structure and releases it then it is in that structure. It floats like its in zero gravy like outer space but something has to push it. Wind. Air currents that move across the United States carries it to other States. It is here now and nothing can fight it except a vacine. So relax, be patient. Getting back to how the virus moves in a condition space. The evaporator pushes all dirt, particules, virus some against it. Ive read somewhere in the past that a p-100 filter stops certain viruses like a casting net. Anyway, without this filter the virus goes through the evaporator coils and cools then it goes to a distribution box that has curcuits of duct work going to registers all in a structure space to registers to different rooms. The virus is circulating in a building, house or wherever. It recirculates. Without a certain filter everybody is exposed to the virus thats moving in the path of the wind. I use to do Air Conditioning work and i know how a return air filter is so dangerous especially if that virus is trapped in a p-100 filter. But if you dont have a virus filter then your structure can be contaminated. You could ask a license tech that deals with virus protected filters for your structure because they got them on resporators. Trust me, if you are worried, dont. Ask a hvac tech. Ive sent information to US News. Ive sent this information to retirement homes Directors. Why? Because my dad is living in one of thise homes and i heard that one of the staff came up postive with the virus. This concerns me. So, my past years in Air Conditioning taught me about air filtration systems. Maybe this information could help someone out there. You have all my best. Walter.

  2. This proves that our county is not taking Governor Abott’s orders. How long will it be before the cases go down?

    1. No it just proves that the testing is up and that the increase as MOST of us knew was and WOULD HAPPEN no matter when we reopened is in a normal range.

      The reality is the longer we stay sheltered and not moving about the higher the cases will be when we fully reopen.

      Why? Weakened immunities.

      Let that sink in.

  3. As I have been reminded several times in previous responses, people have “constitutional freedoms.” While it may not be prudent to be out and about with covid-19, people have repeatedly said, “we fought for our freedom”, and to be out and about is one of those.
    I think if a person knew they were positive for the virus, and they went to a grocery store or restaurant and walked around coughing and making sure that they did their best to contaminate others, they could be arrested for a terroristic threat. Whether that would stand prosecution or they would be convicted of that is another story.
    Ironically, the Texas chapter of the ACLU says that the “stay at home” orders that state governments put in place are legally valid and that individuals who violated those could be, according to them, prosecuted without much legal wrangling.
    Strange times when the ACLU is more conservative than the “conservatives”…

    1. The ALCU is anything but for civil liberties. They constantly misinterpret the first amendment ignoring the right to exercise worship.

      They’re NOT LAWS, and shouldn’t be treated as such.

      In fact the Dallas decision proves that bunk.

      And terroristic threat? Really.

      Plus, it’s embarrassing when folks think most everyone has no brains and gets if they’re sick they stay home. That’s been drilled into our heads now.

    1. Who is going to make them stay? Speaking as someone affected through employment, sometimes you don’t have the resources to stay home and have someone else do the things you need to get done for your family. Is it okay or safe,NO, but sometimes you have no choice.

    2. Nope we don’t want to violate their rights. And we should just “trust” them to do the right thing…. since everyone does that.

    3. Like who? The police? Now we’re to the point where we want to make sure the people who are sick are staying home? How much of your freedom are you willing to give up? The only person in charge of making sure the sick stay home should be the sick themselves. And if you’re afraid of getting sick then you should stay home, too.

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