Washington County’s Camp For All has announced they will reopen in October—as a family getaway.

For six months the camp for children with different needs, has been empty due to the Coronavirus.

Now the camp has announced plans to host family camps as Camp For Y’All.


This will be the first time that families can celebrate and experience all the facilities the camp has to offer.

Families will be able to participate in activities such as swimming, hiking, canoeing, horseback riding, archery, the climbing tower, s’mores night and more.

Family camps will consist of immediate families of up to four people who have been quarantining together. Additional family members can join (the cabins fit up to 15), with a flat fee for each additional person. Each family will be designated one of the 18 cabins and will complete their activities and meals as a family unit.

Temperatures will be taken daily and masks will be required when entering indoor facilities and participating in some of the activities.

This camp will be open during weekends and weekdays from October through December. Families must stay a minimum of two nights.

For more information call 979-289-3752 or email: For more information, visit:


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