Lewis Crain of Rutledge Crain and Company, PC presents a positive audit report for 2021 to Washington County Commissioners on Tuesday.

As Washington County plans for the future amid economic uncertainty, its accounting firm says the county stands on “reasonably solid ground.”

On Tuesday, county commissioners were presented the 2021 audit report by Lewis Crain of Rutledge Crain and Company, PC.  Crain said the county’s revenues were up $3.3 million from the previous year, while expenses were up slightly over $3 million, a net gain.

Crain said the county has more than 50 percent reserve in its fund balance, which may normally be considered a little high but is not when taking into account the current state of the economy.



The county’s fund balance of $11 million acts as a backup to other specialty funds, like the debt service fund and capital projects fund, if they have problems or if revenue drops.

Overall, Crain said the county is in a good spot, particularly when compared to some of his firm’s other clients that he said will have to really watch what they are doing going forward.

Commissioner Kirk Hanath said this commissioners court and previous courts have been criticized for being conservative with funds, but it comes in handy when there is a downturn in the economy.

Mentioning this year’s budgeting process, County Judge John Durrenberger said it is a “tough year, for sure,” with Hanath adding he has “never seen anything like it.”

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  1. With the outrageous property taxes they ought to be in good shape…thanks to the tax burden they and the other government groups put on us. Wish I didn’t have to prove my good efforts to earn my salary and profits …just raise the taxes.

  2. Well if this information is true, lets start getting some roads back in shape. Im not even talking about paving or oil, i just want them bladed. Rent more graders and put some operators in the seat… And mow the road ditches!

  3. The county has available funds yet they chose to not pay the county Fire Dept’s the agreed upon money for the fuel stipend for calls that were made for the first half of the year. if find this interesting.

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