Republican Greg Abbott was sworn in as Texas Governor on Tuesday, becoming the first new Texas governor in 14 years.

Rick Perry had served as governor since December of 2000. He is expected to announce his second run for president as early as May or June.

Abbott, who previously served as attorney general, sued the Obama administration many times for what he considered government overreach, and promised Tuesday to fight against Washington on spending regulation, and any federal law that “uses the guise of fairness to rob us of our freedom.”

The money for the inaugural festivities, which included a parade, a ball, and concerts, came from organizers who raised more than 4.5 million dollars.

The new Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, along with Abbott vow to secure the Texas-Mexico border first and foremost, with Patrick saying border security would be one of his highest priorities, and both promised continued economic growth.

As for dealing with educating Texas children, Abbott remarked that he would like “…great minds will not be molded by a cookie-cutter approach to teaching. Instead they will be the product of great teachers who recognize the value and uniqueness of each student.”

Abbott also went on to say that, “On this point we cannot be captive to partisan arguments. Our children transcend politics. If Texas is to remain the leader at creating jobs we must become the leader at educating our children.”


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