A man that 21st district attorney Julie Renken calls an alleged ‘child sex  predator’ was indicted in this week’s session of the grand jury.

The Washington County grand jury had a busy session this week, handing down 34 indictments ranging from aggravated sexual assault of a child, theft,  to the injury of an elderly person.

Twenty-five year old Timothy Anthony Willrich, II, of San Antonio was indicted for the aggravated sexual assault of a child after his arrest on December 6th.

District Attorney Renken says Willich allegedly lured a 13-year old girl into a Brenham hotel room for sexual relations.  She says Willrich was aware of the girl’s age but she didn’t know how old he was.


Twenty-year old Jeffrey Wade of Hempstead was indicted for injuring a disabled person in an incident in March of last year.

Twenty-three year old Audie Murphy Cooper II of Bryan was indicted for theft of up to $20,000 and exploiting the elderly.

The grand jury handed down seven indictments for possession of controlled substances while indicting three others for felony driving while intoxicated charges. There were also indictments for the unlawful of possession of a firearm and tampering with evidence.

Trial dates are still being set for these indictments.

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