Officials at the Bellville Medical Center (BMC) continue to wait for more COVID-19 vaccines, but are uncertain of when another shipment will arrive.

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Melissa Kleinsmith, Clinical Director of Patient Care Services at the BMC, said the facility will not receive its requested amount of vaccines this week, and does not expect any other vaccine providers in Bellville will receive doses this week, either.  However, it will put out another request for 300 first doses and 100 second doses for next week.

At this time, according to Kleinsmith, the BMC has allocated all of the vaccines it has received thus far, and the turnaround time from receiving them to giving them out has been a matter of days.



The BMC continues to follow the Texas Department of State Health Services' (DSHS) guidelines for vaccine distribution, first vaccinating hospital employees, other healthcare workers and first responders.  Residents 65 and older follow, along with those 16 and older with at least one co-morbidity.

Kleinsmith said while it is not certain that the BMC will receive all of the vaccines it is asking for, she is hopeful that at least part of its request will be fulfilled.



Kleinsmith believes there are well over 1,000 people on the BMC’s callback list for vaccines.  The list contains both BMC and non-BMC patients.   Kleinsmith said the BMC receives separate lists of patients considered most at-risk by other local providers.

Those on the list will be called back once vaccines are received, and once they are determined to be safe.

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