The Brenham Housing Authority has received word they have been approved to receive tax credit to replace aging housing.

The $13.3-million in tax credits from Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs is for the construction of 80 affordable housing units in the area behind the Brenham Community Center.

The TDCHA posted the final awards of $1,336,406 over 10 years.

Executive Benjamin Menajares says they will begin to finish up A&E plans, and HUD approvals in the coming months.

The upcoming project will be named Fairview Terrace.


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  1. Brenham Housing replaced all the windows in all of the houses about ten years ago to make houses more energy efficient. That was a two million dollar project. I know this for a fact because I was a laborer on the job. Why remodel and then tear down? It is obvious that the harder I work, the more government wastes my tax dollars. Please let us know the application process to move into the new houses. It is time for me to take a back seat and sit on the porch.

  2. They need to replace old housing. I know some of you disapprove but the poor need a decent place to live as well. So glad BHA is replacing old units with new units.

    1. How does adding to hud do anything but attract more poverty to town and make
      the poverty situation worse?
      That’s more kids for less property tax dollars and BISD is already at something like 60% at risk. After some study, I found that when a school goes over the 40% at risk level, the school does nothing but get worse and worse. The only thing that reverses it these days sadly is new wealth, charter schools, school choice or zoning so that atleast some can achieve their potential and not be hamstrung by ideas of a communist utopia.

      I hope this is replacement and not additional but I doubt it.

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