Dennis Bonnen

Texas house speaker Dennis Bonnen offered lawmakers what many described as a vague apology for comments about ten lawmakers, including three from the Brazos Valley, on a secretly recorded conversation with a hardline conservative activist.

Bonnen did not mention an alleged “hit list” of finding hardline opponents in next year’s primary against John Raney of Bryan, Kyle Kacal of College Station, Trent Ashby of Lufkin, and seven other House Republicans.

Activist Michael Quinn Sullivan has said he recorded his June meeting with Bonnen, and that it includes an offer from the speaker to give the media arm of Sullivan’s Empower Texans lobbying group press credentials to the House chamber if Empower Texans would attack a specific group of Republicans in the primary.

Bonnen previously denied a target list of lawmakers, but didn’t address it in Tuesday’s comments.

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  1. Vague apologies will not erase his intent. As his position is equivalent to Mitch McConnell’s, one of extreme power, this should give anxiety to ALL Texas citizens. We are a part of a country which was founded on the principles of representation for all citizens. And as a member of this union we are obligated to comply with those principles. To conspire to gain complete control of state governing which would eliminate all voices but a few, will bring grave consequences. Texans should respond to their elected representatives in all haste.

  2. We will ” politically correct ” ourselves out of existing if we keep this up. And if we arrested everyone on a” thought crime” we would all be in jail. BE HONEST.

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