A proposed set of annexations for the city of Brenham raised some questions and concerns for some of the people whose property may soon be included in the city limits.

Julie Fulgham

City Staffer Julie Fulghum outlined the city's annexation plans.

The first of the public hearings on three possible annexations were held at today’s (Thursday’s) Brenham City Council meeting.

City staffer Julie Fulghum outlined the proposed annexations in a work session before the hearing.   She told the Council all of them are adjacent to the current city limits.  One of the areas is  along state highway 36 north and Dixie Street,  and land along 290 west, near the cloverleaf.  Another proposed annexation would be  along the western right of way of highway 36 to close to Anderson Lane while another annexation proposal includes tracts between FM 389 and Industrial Boulevard.

Fulghum said that because these properties are next to the city limits, it would be no problem extending city services, including water and sewer out to them.

Dan Mason, a property owner whose land  is close to Westwood Lane, asked “What if we don’t want to receive city services?”   Fulghum answered if they already have a septic system or water services, they would not have to accept the city’s services.  They would also be allowed to continue getting their electricity from the Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative.

Mason said during the public hearing that the city should take in only what they need, and not all of his property.


Local attorney John Muegge was representing a family who had property in one of the proposed annexations, telling the council they should keep the zoning relatively unchanged.

Dan Mason had questions about city services and why the city wanted to take in all of his property.

Dan Mason had questions about city services and why the city wanted to take in all of his property.

This was the first of two public hearings for these annexations. A second public hearing comes up in two weeks on May 15th..  The Brenham City Council is expected to vote on the annexations at their June fifth meeting.  This will be a joint meeting with the planning and zoning commission.


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