The Brenham City Council will meet tomorrow (Thursday) to give notice of intent to issue just under $5.7 million in debt.

The council will give notice of its plans to issue $5.69 million in certificates of obligation and declare an effective date.

During council budget workshops for the city’s 2019-20 budget, city officials discussed issuing certificates of obligation for general government, wastewater and water system utility projects.

Chief Financial Officer Carolyn Miller said general government projects make up $3.5 million of the $5.69 million, including $625,000 for street reconstruction and rebuilding, and $2.88 million for street and drainage improvements.

The wastewater utility improvements of $1.42 million include a new regional lift station to support the Baker Katz retail development project.

The majority of the water utility improvements of $765,000 are for the Atlow Storage Tower rehab project, and the city’s portion of the May 2016 flooding event.

Miller said the city’s financial adviser, Garry Kimball, will handle the securing of pricing for the certificates of obligation, and bring the item back to council for action at its meeting on January 16, 2020.

The council will also hold public hearing and give first reading of an ordinance implementing a Drainage Utility System and Drainage Utility Charge. City officials say the charge will establish a dedicated and sustainable funding source to provide for the operation, improvement, and maintenance of the city’s drainage infrastructure.

Also in session, the council will:

  • Hold public hearing on and consider authorizing the submission of a grant application to Texas Parks and Wildlife, for Phase I of the proposed Brenham Family Park.
  • Consider submitting a grant application to Texas Parks and Wildlife through the Community Outdoor Outreach Program (CO-OP) Grant for Angler Education Week at the Blue Bell Aquatic Center.

The council will meet tomorrow afternoon at 1 p.m., at Brenham City Hall.

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  1. Spend spend and have more free stuff Guess need to bring back the parking meters down town and stop building things

  2. We have to vote the whole city council out and fire whoever is telling them this is a good idea. 6 million more debt! Spend Spend Spend….. If these people worked for a business they would be fired or the business would go bankrupt. They are failing the Taxpayer!

  3. Why is not the city collecting the money for these improvements from the developers that are taking the agricultural land and turning them into subdivisions and more housing

    Seems like somebody’s making a huge profit and making the rest of us taxpayers pay for it all

    1. I agree, at each sentence of this story my mouth dropped a little more each time until the last sentence. I am really unsure of why we are almost 7 million in debt.
      Seems to me from reading newspaper, no request IS EVER DENIED ! So now we have created an ordinance for the “ole drainage fees” give me a break I have to lift my mouth off the floor! People in city council have to go ! Unneeded expenses, for absolutely many of the projects that can be put on hold!

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