Kim Weatherby
BISD Director of Business & Finance


Brenham schools may actually see a reduction in students in the coming school year.  Brenham ISD’s Director of Business & Finance, Kim Weatherby, presented two budgets at today’s (Monday’s) school board meeting.  One budget had a reduction of 2 percent or 93 students, the other had a reduction of 5 percent or 234 students.  Brenham ISD has seen an increase of about 1 percent in student average daily attendance each year for the past several years.  Weatherby said they normally looks at trends, but with the pandemic this year, they have little to go on:

The school board tentatively agreed on the 2 percent student decrease budget of 47.8 million dollars.  Before the board voted on the proposed new tax rate, Board Vice President Melvin Ehlert noted that the board really doesn’t set the tax rate, it is mandated by the state legislature.  Weatherby agreed, saying the board only decides on a penny of the new tax rate.  The board set the new proposed overall tax rate at $1.0458 per $100 valuation.  That is made up of $.9658 for maintenance and operations and $.08 for the interest and sinking fund.  The rate is slightly below last year’s rate of $1.05 per $100 valuation.  This year, tax values for the district are expected to increase 4.1 percent, due to mostly new construction according to Weatherby.  The board will hear public comments on the proposed tax rate and school budget at their meeting August 17th at 6:00 PM at Brenham High School.

Completed proposed budget and tax rate


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  1. Right on AA, But not Brenham !!!! Gave all those tax breaks to a shopping center that has decided to open a year late !!!!! HA HA HA that company made fools out of the local “leaders” that made those agreements !!!!!!
    But they will make sure they will take every EXTRA nickel, dime and penny they can from home and property owners.
    Also makes me wonder, I have an almost 80 yr old singke story home. Yes I need repairs done, but then look at our LOCAL LEADERS THEY have much more newer and much more beautiful homes …… I look at appraisal site and MY home is valued at a higher rate and I pay more taxes ….how can this be ! ??????
    Oh I forgot !!!! WELCOME TO BRENHAM.

  2. What a shame that what it all comes down to is Money, Not whats best for students , But how much money for the school each student represents. and How much money each homeowner is charged.

  3. Um they get money for each student that is in attendance from the state. Less students mean less money they are getting. They still need the same amount of teachers for the classrooms. Some parents are withdrawing their children to homeschool- actually a lot of parents are doing this across the state of Texas. I don’t blame those parents for doing that one bit!! That’s less students they will get money for.

  4. No, taxes should go down for county residents because less students means less money needed in budget.

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