A Brenham man arrest twice in two weeks last summer was sentenced to 18 years in prison after this week’s session of the 21st district court.

Assistant District Attorney Eric Berg said 38-year old Kevin Lloyd Herring already had an ‘extensive criminal history, when a Brenham police officer recognized him during a traffic stop on June 30th last year.  A search of the car found methamphetamines and he was arrested. Berg said Herring made bond but was soon arrested on evading arrest charges.

Herring was found at unit of the Brenham Housing Authority on July 15th and tried to flee from the police officers.  Berg said Herring’s criminal history contributed to the harsh sentence.

Berg said that 57-year old Wade Ray Dillard had his attempted sexual assault probation agreement revoked in this week’s court session. Berg called the case a ‘strange one.’  He said Dillard had hired a man to work in a local hotel in 2004, invited the man back to his room to show him pornography then attempted to ‘force himself on the man.’  Since then, Berg said he failed to live up to the probation agreement and District Court Judge Carson Campbell sentenced him to four years in prison.

Judge Campbell also revoked the probation for a 21-year old Katy man who was caught June 18th 2012 while he was trying to steal some expensive televisions from the Brenham Wal-Mart.  Berg said he will now have to spend a year in a state jail for violating his probation.

Berg said some criminal history led to a harsh sentence for a third offense of driving while intoxicated.  Judge Carson Campbell sentenced 33-year old Marlon Jones of Navasota to ten years in prison for the offense that happened on January 12th 2012.

Berg said an alcohol induced fight in a Washington County bar led to an aggravated assault conviction for a 40-year old man from Old Washington.  Judge Campbell sentenced Andrew Crawford to five years deferred adjudication and ordered him to pay a $1500 after threatening some bar patrons in September of last year.

A 19-year old man from Old Washington received a six year deferred adjudication sentence for trying to steal a head of cattle last summer.  Judge Campbell also ordered Boysie Deleon Cole, III, to pay $1858 for the theft.

Judge Campbell agreed to a plea bargain for 38-year old Kimberly Elaine Lattimore for a theft occurring in August of 2012.  Judge Campbell sentenced  Lattimore to three years probation and ordered her to pay $488 in restitution.

Twenty-three year old Brian Keith Wilson of Chappell Hill failed to register as a sex offender in February of last year and was sentenced to 10 months in a state jail.

Forty-year old Mary Melissa Rickman of Brenham pled guilty to credit card abuse and received three year probation.  She must also perform 150 hours of community service and must pay restitution.

Twenty-four year old Jared Peterson was sentenced to four years deferred adjudication probation and ordered to pay a $1500 fine after he pled guilty to assaulting a family member and tried to impede breathing during an incident in June of last year.

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