A concept showing how the Drainage Utility Charge would work in the City of Brenham.
(courtesy City of Brenham)

Brenham residents had the opportunity to ask questions and give their thoughts about the city’s proposed Drainage Utility Charge at a town hall meeting Tuesday.

Roughly 20 people attended the meeting at Brenham City Hall to discuss the charge, which city officials say will establish a dedicated and sustainable funding source to provide for the operation, improvement, and maintenance of the city’s drainage infrastructure.

At a workshop in October, a drainage fee of $3.75 per month was proposed for residential utility customers.  The charge is based on the cost of drainage services and the contribution of stormwater runoff by residential and non-residential properties.  The maximum monthly charge for a non-residential property, based on impervious area of the parcel, would be $300.

Several residents had questions relating to particular property details, but no one in attendance voiced opposition.  One resident asked if landowners would pay the same amount if they had a retention pond on their property.  City Manager James Fisher replied that the charge would be the same, based on impervious coverage of the property, but said the city would revisit the matter before it is presented to the Brenham City Council for a vote.

Additional information on the Drainage Utility Charge is available at the city’s website,

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  1. Think about this people! The city council approves a huge increase in the city’s budget, they approve spending on parks, electric car charging stations and other frivolous expenditures. They continue to allow new pet projects to throw money at, but now, they don’t have enough money to cover drainage. They have to increase fees to cover costs, but in the same breath they want to annex more land and increase expenses (AKA increase the budget)…. EVERY TIME THE BUDGET INCREASES, TAXES AND FEES HAVE TO INCREASE..this is a JOKE. The city always wants more from our pockets….. The city council is FAILING us and the newly elected council members are rubber stamp spending machines. The have DONE NOTHING for taxpayers since the last election but raise taxes and city fees while decreasing the amount of service. WE MUST VOTE THESE TAX AND SPEND LIBERALS OUT OF OFFICE.

  2. This is the first I have heard about this meeting. This new charge is ridiculous. This new charge shows that with proper management of taxpayer’s dollars, thus charge wouldn’t be necessary. This new charge is planting a seed for the future cost to skyrocket. Why does the city want to annex more area when they can’t manage the money they have to maintain what they have? Now I hear that the city will take over the maintenance of FM 389 within the city limits, really, is that true? Why does the city want to increase local street maintenance with a four lane highway? I guess it is ok, the city can just double or quadruple this new bogus fee to cover their inferior business practices. Mayor, please explain ! Taxpayers deserve an answer !

    1. I agree, seems as if the city is trying to pinch and pinch every penny in taxes and additional utility fees that they can from Brenham residents. These people running the city have to go!!!!!!! This is getting extremely ridiculous. We need to start looking at the city personnel salaries and start having them cut that first before raising up the citizens fees!

    2. Very well stated, the city seems to have a Washington size appetite for our money, If our elected representatives don’t stand up and represent us like they are supposed to, it is time for new representatives. These people are actually trying to charge us to drain the swamp!

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