A concept showing how the Drainage Utility Charge would work in the City of Brenham.
(courtesy City of Brenham)

Brenham residents had the opportunity to ask questions and give their thoughts about the city’s proposed Drainage Utility Charge at a town hall meeting Tuesday.

Roughly 20 people attended the meeting at Brenham City Hall to discuss the charge, which city officials say will establish a dedicated and sustainable funding source to provide for the operation, improvement, and maintenance of the city’s drainage infrastructure.

At a workshop in October, a drainage fee of $3.75 per month was proposed for residential utility customers.  The charge is based on the cost of drainage services and the contribution of stormwater runoff by residential and non-residential properties.  The maximum monthly charge for a non-residential property, based on impervious area of the parcel, would be $300.

Several residents had questions relating to particular property details, but no one in attendance voiced opposition.  One resident asked if landowners would pay the same amount if they had a retention pond on their property.  City Manager James Fisher replied that the charge would be the same, based on impervious coverage of the property, but said the city would revisit the matter before it is presented to the Brenham City Council for a vote.

Additional information on the Drainage Utility Charge is available at the city’s website,

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