The Brenham School Board will look to take the first steps in a new strategic planning process at its meeting Monday.

The board will consider setting dates and times for board workshops to begin district vision planning.

According to Superintendent Dr. Tylor Chaplin, this planning process will involve an evaluation of where the district currently stands, what goals it has, and how it plans to accomplish those goals.

Dr. Chaplin said, as a new superintendent, planning will include a board trust survey to help him and trustees get onto the same page.  It will also consist of the creation of a strategic planning team, made up of district and campus leaders along with other community representatives.

Dr. Chaplin said community input will be taken along the way in order to craft the district’s belief statements to be reflective of what the community believes.  He hopes to have these planning processes done near the end of the semester.

Also at Monday’s meeting, the board will receive an update on the sale of the district’s series 2020 unlimited tax refunding bonds.  It will also discuss Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) assessment data.

The board will also hold a public hearing on the district’s annual “FIRST” financial accountability rating.  In addition, it will go over the annual bilingual and ESL evaluation for the 2019-20 school year and review the district’s security audit.  Trustees will also hear monthly informational reports and a report from the superintendent.

The board will meet Monday evening at 6 p.m. in rooms 111 and 113 at Brenham High School.  The meeting will be livestreamed on Brenham ISD’s YouTube channel.

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  1. Meeting Tuesday to approve $38,000. for finishing material for the Hangar. The words were “this not costing taxpayers a dime.!”per Mr.Deramus.. This should have & can still be a our-for- bid which is the way should be handled. Since they are looking for finish date at months end it’s clear this material been ordered & due delivery. Why did the Commissioners handle this & not have it bid. Somebody in the know please explain. From a previous comments from the person that threw the words out of Hate, Selfish & glad volunteers did the work…..maybe she /he should have asked ” what’s the cost” to taxpayers before her accusing words. But maybe he/she is not a taxpayer!! Remember voters this election you have a choice. We need leadership that’s not only in attendance…. One that would have said this needs out to bid.

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