The Burton Chamber of Commerce updated the City Council on the plans for a “Welcome to Burton” monument.

Chamber member Mike Thomas told the council that the structure will be limestone, 10-feet tall and 60-feet wide, and will resemble the “Welcome to Washington County” signs at the county lines.

The project is being funded by the Chamber, who Thomas says is in frequent contact with TxDOT to make sure the project is done properly.

Thomas said the issue over what wording to include on the sign would be discussed during the chamber’s next meeting.

Also at the Council meeting:

The council approved a smaller “Welcome to Burton” sign, which will be placed at the corner of San Marcos Street and FM 390 on the Little League Park property.

Police Chief Gregory Rolling presented the 2017 racial profiling report.  He said of just over 500 actual citations, 51-percent were Caucasian, 30-percent were Hispanic, 12-percent were African American, 5-percent were Asian and 2-percent were Middle Eastern.

The council set Tuesday, March 13th for a public hearings for the 2018-19 general and water/sewer budgets.


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