Voters in the Burton School District Saturday elected two new members to its school board.

Five candidates were running for three positions on the Burton School Board.

Incumbent Misty Goldberg Lucherk won reelection as she got 156 votes—second most among the candidates.  Challenger Felton Cox got the most votes with 182 and another challenger, Jeff Harmel was elected to the board with 147 votes.

Incumbent board president Nicole Harmel was defeated in her re-election bid with 118 votes and challenger Ande Bostain came up short with 128 votes.

Caldwell School District voters have approved a $5.7 million bond package.

Voters approved the package by a nearly 3-to-1 margin; with 304 voters in favor of the bonds and 113 against.

The district’s elementary school has had a mold problem and the eradication program is part of this election.

However, voters in Somerville defeated that school district’s call for $12.5-million in bonds to contruct a new elementary school and address renovations to other district facilities.  The bond issue was defeated by just ten votes: 207 against to 197 in favor.

Superintendent Charles Camarillo said earlier that the elementary school is 51 years old, the junior high is over 40, and the high school is in its 30s—making the facilities harder and harder to maintain.

Meanwhile, two spots on the Somerville School Board were also decided.  Those two spots will be taken by Stanley Smith and James Beckwith.  Smith got 223 votes, while Beckwith garnered 197.  Candidate Joe Gonzales received 118 votes.

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