Burton ISD is currently expecting roughly three quarters of its student body to seek on-campus instruction versus remote learning in the fall.

Members of the Burton School Board hold an in-person meeting in March. Monday's meeting was held virtually.

Superintendent Dr. Edna Kennedy provided an update to the Burton School Board at its meeting Monday, where she went over the early results of the proposed instructional arrangement survey given to parents.

The survey, which closes Thursday, currently indicates there are 122 students—77 elementary and 45 high school—that would prefer remote learning to on-campus learning.  As of May, the district was planning to start the new school year with 477 students, so that would mean there are 355 students who are making plans for on-campus learning.

Dr. Kennedy said the amount of students seeking remote learning is “a pretty large number”, and stressed that schools and staff need to be ready to push out online curriculum and provide hot spots to students that need them.  She stated the district has purchased 75 hot spots and is currently allocating 23 to high school students and 12 to elementary school students.  Hot spots will also be given to teachers who may need them should they go remote.

Dr. Kennedy said the district’s remote learning plan in the fall will be more “structured and strenuous” than this past spring, as the district has had more time to set up remote learning and push out the proper information to students and parents.  She said teachers will be expected to make sure their remote students are actively attending, involved in activities, and making progress.

Dr. Kennedy hopes that once parents see how “rigorous” the remote learning process will be, they will bring their children back for on-campus instruction, which she said was the district’s “preferred method”.  Board President Demetrius Colvin noted that once students choose from on-campus or remote learning, they will not be able to change their instruction method until the start of the next six-week grading period.

Click here to view Burton ISD's reopening plan.

Also at Monday's meeting, the board:

  • Approved the Operation Connectivity interlocal acquisition agreement with the Region IV Education Service Center for technology purchases. Kennedy said through this interlocal agreement, Region IV and the Texas Education Agency (TEA) are allowing the district to have matching funds for devices based on its economically disadvantaged status.
  • Held a budget workshop.
  • Approved the 2020-21 staff compensation plan, as well as the hiring of a district nurse.
  • Approved a board policy update affecting local policies.
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  1. It seems that the meek, and the weak, are truly trying to inherit the earth.

    I still am amazed at all the scared, weak, uneducated people that are out amongst us.
    This virus is not going to affect, let alone kill most of us.
    99.6-99.9% of human beings of any age will be fine. Yes, some will have mild symptoms, and even less will have severe symptoms, and, unfortunately, a small percentage might die.

    That is sad but true.

    In America, you are more likely to die from a car accident or a fall around the house, among many other things, then you are from Covid-19.
    There are 39,000 people or so in Washington County, and about 18,000 that live in town.

    We have had 40 deaths or so from this, mostly in the nursing homes, and we are shutting anything down???

    We will get through this just fine. It wil only take longer the more everyone keeps feeding into the “shut it down, stay home, stay safe rhetoric”.

    People, children included, need to be out and about, back to work, back to school, back to living.
    For those weak, meek, and scared people who are trying to take over, just stay home and disinfect everything, if you are that worried.
    Wear a hazmat suit when you go shopping, if that makes you feel safe.
    Let the rest of us free thinking rational people live and do.

    Burton ISD is doing a fantastic job as usual, a leader in their field.
    Dr. Kennedy is also doing a great job and should get Superintendent of the year for her leadership on this issue.
    Let’s go Panthers!

  2. Children learn better in a structured environment, that’s why schools exist in the first place. A more “rigorous” online learning format is the only way to ensure that students abide by some sort of structure in order to complete their course work, and stay on par with students that are in the classroom benefiting from in person instruction.
    I’m not going to demean anybody that has decided to keep their kids home, that’s their prerogative. But I will ask, do you keep your kids home every time someone in their class gets the flu? Do you keep your kids home after they’ve been around somebody in your family that has had the flu?
    It’s time we stop giving in to paranoia. It’s no way to live life. Am I afraid my kids might get sick? Of course. I’m also afraid that they’re learning to bend to the will of the masses instead of generating freedom of thought. I’m also afraid of heights, snakes, and spiders. But it never stopped me from jumping out of planes, or spending time outside, and I won’t teach my children to live their lives in fear either.
    One thing I’m not afraid of is putting my name to my comments, so that anybody who wishes can feel free to debate me in them.

    Daniel Douglas

    1. Glad I have no idea who you are nor do I care who you are either. This is not the flu. I’m so tired of that being a cop out for parents who don’t want the responsibility of having their kids at home to learn. And it’s not just about the kids getting sick. What do u think will happen once all the teachers start getting it and taking it home to their families. Who will be at school to teach your kids then. It CAN be done through virtual learning. Kids CAN learn at home. Do u have any idea what school looks like right now for these kids whose parents are making them go?? Robots with mask is what the kids will look and be expected to act like. School will be very different In person this year. Make sure your kids know that

      1. Thanks for your opinion, but I’ll not debate someone not willing to put their name to their argument.

      2. Wow: it isn’t the flu, it’s a coronavirus.

        That said there are at least EIGHT coronavirus a out there.

        The last pandemics included at least one of these.

        We did not shut down for those coronavirus issues (SARS and MERS).

        I am we live in freedom of choice. Being forced to wear a mask has actually put me – a moderate asthmatic – at a higher risk of catching this respiratory virus.

        I wear it where it’s that or I have the “alternatives,” but I’m maliciously compliant.

        But given they announced that there were a total of 256 cases total during two-a-days training across the state (1-4A), a mere FOUR from the training itself… out of 388 schools total…

        Meaning 256 out of thousands of athletes…

        Maybe one should consider looking at the larger picture on this virus.

        (Nom de plume intentional for personal reasons).

    2. Daniel, your thinking or rationale has some gaping holes. First, the flu or influenza can be treated by antibiotics and people can recover quickly. People that wait too long will die of the influenza. That is just plain stupidity. The Covid-19 is a different animal that has been been described 10 to 15 times deadlier than contemporary influenzas. The novel coronavirus is off the chart contagious and even under treatment can kill you within hours –especially older people and people who have heart issues, diabetes, asthma, immune diseases–I think you see the connection. The flu is a walk in the park compared to this novel virus. If you have older parents are you willing to roll the dice with their health? I won’t mince words, but the virus is a deadly killer. It can take any of your family and friends and they will die alone. There is no redo once the virus has claimed your body.

      You mention your freedom or rights are being manipulated. That there is an ultimate attempt to ‘bend the will of the masses.’ I am not talking about the Left or the Right in politics. But the rights and freedom that you are speaking of will kill many people when dealing with this virus! They believe this is hoax?! A bit of paranoia is healthy, a bit of caution is healthy, a bit of skepticism is healthy. All these things help you navigate life.

      The children. Medical science states that nobody is immune from the coronavirus. The children may actually be a Trojan Horse to carry the virus to grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, teachers, churches etc. What does the book of Proverbs say about fools.

      Sadly, this virus will take more lives while people whine, about masks, social distance, and washing hands. And you will learn about young children, young adults, adults and elderly people who will be incredibly sick. In time, you will hear of people getting sick in schools and universities. I hope you reconsider this position that you have taken. You are taking a huge risk -especially if you have older parents or family members.

      I wish you health and safety.

      1. Mark, first, thank you for having the courage to include your name, that alone speaks to your character.
        I live next door to my 81 year old East German immigrant mother-in-law who suffers from COPD and asthma, and has an artificial heart valve, and my 74 yoa FIL who has already battled 3 different cancers. They were the first, without hesitation, to state that they believed the kids need to be in school. My FIL is a research nerd, and doesn’t come to his decisions easily.
        It may already be cliche these days, but if this virus is so deadly, why are Walmart and HEB employees not dying in droves?
        My wife works at Burton schools, and will also be put at risk. I understand that there are challenges, and I understand that some people, maybe even kids are going to get sick and possibly even die. But we as a people have always faced challenges head-on, why are we all of a sudden afraid to do that? I have prayed and asked for guidance, and in my heart, I know that sending my kids to school is the right thing to do.

        Thank you for the well wishes, same to you and yours,

      2. Three things, antibiotics don’t work on a viral infection, Daniel is right, and don’t fear monger.

        Did you know that if you never go outside in the sun you decrease the risk of getting skin cancer?
        Do you also know that just by being on the road in your car increases the risk of others on the road? Isn’t that like murder?
        Did you also know that leather is made from cows and cows produce methane and methane causes global warming and kills people so you cannot have any leather and don’t even get me started on petroleum products and how many people those things kill. So for starters, no shoes.

        All of this according to the the logic of the ‘rona fear.

      3. Sadly we will never know if this is truly more deadly than the Flu. We are constantly lied to by the media. Everyone who dies is from covid, Mark , how many times have false positive tests been reported and labs putting out false data ALWAYS on the INCREASE of positive tests , never an error showing a lower number of tests. There is big money for hospitals tied to this , don’t think for a second that this virus was all an accident. There are many many issues and the Govt are taking advantage of this ” crisis ” as they always do and wow , isn’t it amazing that this is an election year ?

  3. Old Panthersays:
    July 17, 2020 at 5:28 pm
    So here’s my questions [again] for anyone at BISD that [will] answer them:
    1. Are fall sports going ahead with a normal schedule? If so, I calculate that with the 6-foot minimum distance between players, you’d only be able to get 14 or 16 players in a 72 passenger bus. Likewise, this would be the case for the band. Does the district have the number of buses so that social distancing could be carried out, as well as taking all of the other kids home (and having them be socially distanced while traveling home in the bus) on afternoons with sports?

    2. It states, [in the story from July 17th]“To participate in after-school activities, children will need to participate in on-campus instruction.” Is there some reason for this? I know that in the past, a student was supposed to be in attendance (by UIL rules) a certain number of hours on the day of a sporting event, but one would think that the TEA would have addressed that requirement.

    So are academic UIL activities considered after-school events? If a student wants to compete in mathematics, or science, or poetry, are they required to be on campus receiving their instruction in person? What about the bus transportation and social distancing, both for on-campus students as well as away game travel?

  4. That is not right that they are wanting parents to bring their children to campus so they are making the remote learning hard on them. That is ridiculous Burton ISD. These parents have every right to keep their children safer and happier I might add at home! The schools are gonna close down again anyways. I think the ones keeping their kids home are doing the right thing! I for one am a parent and I am keeping mine away from the nonsense and doom of going back into the schools. Wait and see the madness will be back a couple weeks after school opens. I can’t believe y’all are saying since you are keeping your kids home for remote we will make it so hard you will want to come to school. Wow Burton not a good look for you!! Glad my kids don’t go to Burton!!

    1. I cannot believe a Superintendent would even say such a thing. It’s like punishment for making a wise decision.

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