The Burton School District may look at allowing nearby McDade High School to use the gymnasium next fall for one or more of their volleyball games.  Burton Superintendent Edna Kennedy told the school board last night (Monday) that she had been contacted informally about allowing McDade using the gym.  The McDade School District is located between Paige and Elgin and was only grades K through 8, with the High School students going to Elgin.  Recently, though, they have had a large increase in enrollment and have added a High School.  Dr. Kennedy said that McDade is planning a bond issue, but they inquired about using the Burton gym until theirs is constructed.  She said the issue would be brought to the board when more of the details were known.

Dr. Kennedy also said that they have been working with Blinn College and the Hodde Technical Education Center on developing classes for next year.  She said the High School Principal Karen Steenken and Counselor Brenda Ritter have been working on classes in Nursing and Industrial Skills that would allow Burton students to transition directly into the Blinn programs. She said it would be presented to the board next month with more details.

During the open forum portion of the meeting, Burton Mayor David Zajicek told the board they should allow teachers or staff to become School Marshals to increase campus safety.  He said that after training, the volunteers would be allowed to keep a firearm on campus in a locked safe. Their identity would be kept confidential.

The board went into Executive Session after the public meeting to discuss the Teacher contracts for the upcoming school year.

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