A special prosecutor has dropped charges against three Caldwell teachers accused of failing to report the sexual abuse of a child. 

Caldwell Middle School counselor Bliss Bednar, Caldwell High School vice-president Vance Skidmore and Caldwell High School Principal Bradley Vestal were accused of the negligence last August.  A Burleson County grand jury indicted the educators because they allegedly failed to report a 15-year old girl’s essay that alluded to a teen being sexually abused.

The indictments came after girl’s grandmother, 51-year old Jean Slovacek, was shot and killed by Edward Lee Clinton in June of 2012.  Lee, who was Slovacek’s boyfriend has since been convicted of murder and sexually assaulting the student who wrote the essay.  He is serving a life sentence for these convictions.

All three were placed on paid administrative leave.

Vance Skidmore’s defense attorney Craig Greening, said that after the essay was turned in as a class assignment, the girl was asked about the essay and she claimed to have made it all up.

The defense attorneys traveled to take a deposition from the girl in Fort Worth on Friday but she never showed up.

This case led to a lawsuit against retired District Court Judge Terry Flenniken by an anti-abortion group but the suit was dropped. 

Clinton was captured after a day long standoff in June of 2012, after the girl was able to escape her Caldwell home.

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