The City of Brenham has given the green light for previously postponed city-wide summer events.

City Manager James Fisher goes over the list of summer events being rescheduled for the fall at Thursday's Brenham City Council meeting.

The Brenham City Council at its meeting today (Thursday) authorized staff to reschedule a slate of summer events and resume planning for them.  This includes the First Friday Farmer and Artisan Market in September; the Summer Sip and Art Walk, now scheduled for September 12th; Movies in the Park, now planned for October 2nd and 9th; and Hot Nights Cool Tunes, planned for October 10th, 16th, 17th, and 24th, with the concerts on the 16th and 17th being held in partnership with the Texas Arts and Music Festival.

In addition, events at the Barnhill Center can resume starting in October.  The city has not found a date to reschedule the community picnic at Henderson Park, previously scheduled for July 19th.

City Manager James Fisher said if COVID-19 cases continue to worsen locally, these events will likely not get a second chance this year.



Fisher was also asked by councilmembers about the continued baseball and softball tournaments being held at city fields.  He responded that the level of social distancing and mask-wearing of attendees at tournaments has varied.  He said people need to be respectful of others by following city health and safety protocols, but it is difficult to force them to comply should they choose not to.  He said city staff will continue to emphasize the city’s protocols to those who attend.

Public Works Director Dane Rau said baseball and softball tournaments are scheduled at city fields up until December, with another tournament this weekend featuring roughly 30 teams.  He said the city does not know if the teams participating in any given tournament will actually show up until the Wednesday before, but so far they have been making attendance regularly.

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  1. Once again the city council picks and chooses what events to ban. It appears baseball doesn’t have to follow the same rules as everyone else.

    1. Let me make a correction to that. The park has been used for SOFTBALL tournaments not Baseball recently……if Baseball its been very few & no tournaments that I’m aware of. In agreement with you that Softball tournaments should not be allowed if all other events get canceled or postponed. With schools approaching start dates these softball tournaments can be held at later dates. Lets get kids back in the classroom…..healthy. But the clincher here is the PIG SIFT held…..its been here many years so JOY FUCHS is well aware of the 100’s that attend. She wasn’t about to give the Judge a accurate or better number because she knew his decision would be NO. She’s looking out for one & only self! She will have opposition come election time…..she’s been there way TOO LONG !! Certainly need new leadership on County Commissioners that makes decisions with all citizens in mind ….not just her Precinct.

  2. Not sure if this is the correct place to post this question, but I’ll start here. Last weekend when driving past the busy Hohlt park fields, I saw that someone had pulled up a very nice travel trail – on the grass near the walking trails and put out their generator and bbq pit. This doesn’t seem right. What if everyone attending brought their travel trailer and parked them on our grass and hooked up their generators? I don’t think that park is set up for camping. Who would I need to speak with regarding this issue?

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