Citizens from across Washington County gathered today (Tuesday) to mourn the death of a homeless Vietnam veteran who recently passed away in Brenham.

Pallbearers remove the casket of Luther Walter Martin, Jr. from the hearse to display it for Tuesday afternoon's service at Prairie Lea Cemetery.

Many from the community met at Prairie Lea Cemetery alongside the family of Luther Walter Martin, Jr., who died November 8th in Brenham after succumbing to cancer.  He was 68 years old.

Martin had been living in Brenham for the past month, and received full military honors from the Brenham Honor Guard at the service this afternoon.

Martin was born November 30, 1950 in Houston, and served in Vietnam from February 2, 1971 to January 11, 1972. He served in the army as a Specialist 4-class and as a supply clerk.

Greenvine Baptist Church Pastor Jack Faulkner, who is also a Vietnam veteran and member of the Brenham Honor Guard, performed the service. Faulkner said Martin was “hurt deeply” by the Vietnam War.



Memorial Oaks Chapel President Clarence Gerke said he was very proud of the community and its strong support for veterans.



Washington County Veterans Association President Ben Seeker presents a folded American flag to the family of Luther Walter Martin, Jr.

The ceremony concluded with the firing of the three rifle volleys representing duty, honor, and country; the playing of “Taps”, and the folding and presentation of the American flag to the family of Martin.

A gravesite was donated by Prairie Lea Cemetery for Martin’s burial. The service was funded through community donations to Memorial Oaks Chapel and the Washington County Veterans Association.

The funeral procession, led by law enforcement, makes its way down Main Street in Brenham.

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