Sealy Mayor Pro-tem Everett Bubak says the conflict between the city council and Mayor Mark Stolarski is about simply ‘following the rules.’

Sealy Mayor Mark Stolarski  has a conflict on setting the agenda. l

Sealy Mayor Mark Stolarski has a conflict on setting the agenda.

Buback said the city council delayed a vote on reprimanding the Mayor at a meeting a week ago for an action taken in the spring. Bubak said the council needed to discuss sewer projects and the item was on an agenda. The next day however, the mayor’s agenda came out without any discussion about the sewer projects. That’s when talk about the reprimand began.


Bubak says the City council may yet reprimand Stolarski over disagreements over the power of the mayor and who can set the agenda.
Bubak said the Mayor of Sealy is elected by the general public but enjoys no additional power, except to chair the city council meetings and essentially be the ‘face of the city.’
City Council discussions continued through a meeting  on in fighting and the disagreements on governance issues.
At a previous meeting, several city council members asked to look at changing an ordinance to clarify certain issues. An agenda item during this week’s meeting was to consider and possibly take action to officially reprimand the mayor.
Mayor Stolarski was elected Mayor of Sealy in March. 23w

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