District 10 Congressman Michael McCaul is among 84 congressional representatives who have sent a letter to the Secretary of State asking why there is not a reward for the capture of the Benghazi Terrorists. 

Congressman Michael McCaul, the Chair of the House Homeland Security Committee has sent a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry inquiring why the Department of State failed to use its Rewards for Justice Program o help apprehend the terrorists who carried out the attack in September of last year.

The local congressional representative is one of 84 members of congress to ask for this reward.  McCaul says it is ‘hard to understand why the State Department, which describes the Rewards for Justice Program as one of the most valuable assets the government has in fighting terrorism.’  Congresman McCaul says that ‘if catching these terrorists truly is the top priority for the State Department then Secretary Kerry will and begin using this fund.’


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