Brenham Police Chief Craig Goodman

Brenham City Council approved the purchase of 4 new vehicles for the Police Department this afternoon (Thursday).  Two will be patrol units, one will be a new K9 vehicle, and one will be an administrative vehicle.  The patrol and K9 vehicles are Ford Explorers and a four door Ford F150 pickup will be the administrative vehicle.  Brenham Police Chief Craig Goodman said that the Dodge Charger patrol units that the department had been purchasing have not held up well.  He said that they are in for maintenance and repairs about 4 times more often than the Ford Explorers.  He also stated that his department has not had any issues with carbon-monoxide in the Explorers.  The new vehicle will be replacing older ones.  Goodman said that they look at more than just the total mileage when deciding which vehicles to replace.  He said they also look at the total engine hours and the service history of the vehicles.

The four vehicles are being purchased for a total of $169,245.  The vehicles will be purchased from Rockdale Country Ford through the Buy-Board Contract.

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