Update: The meeting scheduled for Tuesday morning was canceled due to the winter weather conditions.  A date and time for the rescheduled meeting have not been announced yet.

Washington County Commissioners will consider making the 2nd and 3rd floor of the courthouse a gun free zone during their meeting next Tuesday. The issue was discussed a year ago and commissioners asked the judges that use the courtrooms on the 2nd and 3rd floors for their opinion. County Judge John Brieden said that each judge, District, County, and JP, had a different opinion on what areas should be gun free. The courtrooms are already gun free, but adjacent hallways and offices were in question. Brieden says the judges have now come to a consensus and are requesting that the entire second and third floors of the courthouse be off limits to firearms. Commissioners will consider having the appropriate signage produced to designate the areas as a gun free zone.

Also on the agenda for Tuesday, commissioners will open the submitted qualifications for an architect for the new Washington County Road and Bridge facility.  They are also expected to appoint a committee to review the submissions.  A new Road and Bridge facility is planned for property the county has purchased on Highway 36 North.

Commissioners will also discuss awarding the bids on two items.  A bid for steel products for the Road and Bridge Department is expected to be awarded.  The one bid received in December was thrown out due to it arriving 10 minutes past the bid deadline.  A bid is also expected to be awarded for the jail inmate payphone service.  Commissioners invalidated the previous awarding in December after one of the bidders protested. It was found that one of the bids was received late, and that the specifications listed for the bid were vague.

Commissioners will also receive a number of monthly reports including those from the Sheriff’s Office, 911 Dispatch, EMS, and the County IT Department.

Commissioners Court meets Tuesday morning at 9:00 at the Washington County Courthouse.

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