Washington County officials are reiterating the importance of wearing face coverings, but are not making their recommendation a requirement just yet.

Washington County Judge John Durrenberger (left) and Brenham Mayor Milton Tate discuss the reopening of county and city facilities in a COVID-19 update video May 8th.

In a statement released this (Saturday) morning by the Washington County Joint Information Center, both County Judge John Durrenberger and Brenham Mayor Milton Tate said they are “strongly encouraging all citizens in Washington County to wear their masks when out in public”.

The county and the state have experienced an uptick in COVID-19 cases in recent days, which has led several cities and counties—including Bryan, College Station, and Brazos County—to mandate the wearing of masks at businesses.

Tate said everyone must do their part to reduce the spread of the virus if the city is to keep its businesses open and its economy strong.  He added the city is planning several summer events to help move the community forward, but those events “will require attendees to wear a mask” except while eating or drinking.

Update @ 11:20 a.m.: City Manager James Fisher told KWHI the Brenham City Council will meet Thursday to discuss the state of community events and the possible requirement of face masks within city limits.

Durrenberger, however, is hesitant to make mask wearing mandatory, saying “mandating masks is hard to enforce and places an unnecessary burden on businesses that are already struggling in the midst of the pandemic”.

Governor Greg Abbott has frequently recommended mask usage in past COVID-19 updates and addresses, but has refrained from issuing a mandatory mask order.

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  1. So if we need to wear masks and shutdown businesses to save lives from the Coronavirus, then we really need to do the same with the flu. It also kills people and is highly contagious!!! No one seemed concerned about those people’s lives. I wonder why those people meant nothing. Sad that people can really speak down to others and say they don’t care when they themselves didn’t fight for the people who died from the flu. I don’t see any true compassion, just selfish agendas from all directions.

  2. I see a lot of people having been drinking the “red koolaid” shoved down our throats by the media. Many many lost sheeple claiming OTHERS are misinformed. Troubling

  3. Go read the comments below and see which people are saying “I can’t wait for you to die from your own stupidity”, “go to another county and stay. Don’t come back”, “we don’t need you or your business”, “let’s riot”, “hope you catch it”. Do you see the hypocrisy coming from people who are supposedly concern for everyone’s safety? Maybe everyone should be more concerned for their mental health- you must have a lot of hate in your heart. If wearing a mask makes you feel better or makes you more comfortable, please wear one. All we want- is simply the freedom to choose. If your mask works, you should be safe from people who aren’t wearing one.

  4. FYI – if this is a political issue, Just so you know, I am a moderate. I listen to both sides of an issue. I don’t watch TV political news programs to make my decisions.

  5. Wear a mask if you want. If your mask really works… you should be safe from someone who’s not wearing one.

  6. I agree. It is time to shut down this contentious blog. You can’t fix stupid. Some people would rather get sick and possibly die rather than admit they could be misinformed on this issue. You being stubborn and not wearing a mask is your right as is your right to fight covid or die for whatever you stand for. Yes, go to another county and stay there! Don’t come back either. We don’t need you or your business. What a sad state of affairs. Never thought we had this many stubborn people.

    1. If you stand for nothing, you fall for anything. Why don’t you just wear a mask when you go out if that makes you feel better? How ignorant to tell people that the county doesn’t need our business. Of course y’all do.

  7. KWHI— I think it is time to ‘SHUT DOWN’ this particular comment forum. Instead of a place for people to discuss problems and try to work towards a common and logical solution, it has become a platform for the rants of the ignorant and those with borderline personality disorders.
    Please, do not publish anymore comments. This town will eventually recover from the COVAD problem, but we may never recover from these
    shocking thoughts and comments from some of our citizens.

    1. Typical. Of course, attack our freedom of speech when you don’t agree with it. Looks like you can’t handle real conversations when you’re not getting your way. And other people have “borderline personality disorders”??? Maybe you should take a break and stop reading through the comments instead of telling KWHI what they should do with their site.

      1. To: “Really”—from “Enough” FYI— I never stated what ‘my way’ is . So , who am I not agreeing with ? My comment never mentioned MASKS, but was in reference to the way people were responding. Perhaps you might have jumped to a wrong conclusion. As far as not being able to handle a real conversation, WELL, I have not seen one on this issue. I believe in freedom of speech but all I have seen is anger, rudeness and cruelty being tossed back in forth. Point being. this issue has been “beat to death”. so shut it down, and move on ! WOW, it would be great to go back- when changing the ‘garbage company ‘ was our biggest issue. Since your reply may have made in haste and anger, I will be glad to accept your apology.

  8. If they want to force people to wear masks that do not help protect you from covid (it says so on the box) we will go to other places that do not have mask ordinances and eat and shop there. The city is going to kill the businesses here and I’m sure the people will remember all of this come election time. There is no way they are voting for people who take away their liberties like this. I’m done. Mask for brenham means business goes elsewhere. Forget it. This is ridiculous. The gig is up. We aren’t as stupid as y’all think and know exactly what is going on. If this is the case we are no longer in this together and they are clearly saying they are only worried about moving the Democrats agenda forward.

    1. It is illegal in most states to operate a motor vehicle without liability insurance. Is this a dubious Democrat agenda to take our freedoms and rights away? In a free society should not citizens have the right to decide for themselves if they want to purchase liability insurance? Why are we being forced to have liability insurance on our vehicles? Is it to protect the other person’s property in case of an accident? Isn’t that communism? Perhaps it is only common sense to protect the common good of all citizens! WEAR A MASK! Set an example of being a good neighbor in case you are an asymptomatic carrier of this virus. Our innocent children, the elderly and those with health concerns will think you are a hero!


  10. Wash counties true colors are coming out. Everyone divided Some making ignorant comments and being selfish. Been here my whole life and never been so disgusted by the comments on here about people not wanting to do something as simple as to wear a mask. Sooo many businesses are closing because of Covid this week including schools/day cares yet you people are saying masks are not something you are willing to do. Absolutely ridiculous. Does not make me proud to live here

  11. From a 9 yo point of view: “Wearing masks can make it harder to tell who it is when committing crimes. It is also scarey to see everyone in masks. I didn’t know we could wear stuff on our faces unless it was Halloween.”

  12. I can’t even begin to process the amount of selfish and uneducated comments here. It is sad and disgusting that so many people in this town I once loved clearly find wearing a mask to protect each other from a DEADLY virus a political issue. It is sad that you all feel it is infringing on your rights. Your are showing how selfish and cruel you really are by refusing to wear a mask. I hope that masks are made mandatory here in Brenham. We need to stop and think about each other and why we love this town instead of acting like a bunch of entitled toddlers. There is ZERO scientific evidence showing wearing masks are harmful. In fact there is exactly the opposite. Options are to wear a mask, or stay home. Simple as that and if it is “harder to breathe” try limiting your time you are out. Only go out when you absolutely need to. But good lord stop coming to KWHI and spreading your hate and misinformation. Google is your friend!!!

    1. Hey Mom- There actually IS evidence supporting masks can be harmful- especially when you have to wear one for long periods of time at your workplace- and especially if you already have a condition such as lupus or asthma. Btw, who do you think runs Google? If going out without a mask makes YOU uncomfortable, then wear a mask.

    2. Sounds like MOM is upset that all are not onboard with doing what “MOM”, says, and what the far left wing media is “demanding”. Makes me wonder if you were brought up and taught about the importance of freedom and the importance of never giving up your freedoms – never, even when bad ideas are pushed through the eyes that “this is just for your own good and for the good of others” – even when it really is not. I can empathize with anyone being scared concerning this virus, especially if you are getting all your updates and news from the liberal media, and maybe you have a personal reason that makes you even more concerned, but attempting to force others is not the right way to go. You sound like you are angry that lots of others don’t agree with you, and don’t want to follow your demands. I hope things work out for you, but I hope the right decision is made for people’s rights.

    3. You are entitled to YOUR opinion just like I’m entitled to mine. You are correct – my search engine is my friend. I can find just as many articles saying masks do NO GOOD as you can find touting their effectiveness. What is not up for debate in my opinion is that when our government begins to strip away the rights of its citizens (no matter how safe it makes some people feel) it ceases to be a democracy and starts to become a dictatorship. Your ‘name’ is mom. What if the government decided that all children under the age of 16 should be taken from their parents to be kept safe and healthy during this pandemic, would you embrace that too? You cannot force our society to adhere to your mask belief just because YOU feel like people in our town are being selfish and mean. As I have heard from so many pro abortion people- my body, my choice. NO MASKS.

  13. Hea Lets riot:
    You a so smart and thoughtful.
    How lucky we are to have you in our county.
    I am sure that you are a well read, educated person.
    You should be ashamed of yourself.
    Move back to Austin, or California or wherever you creeped out from.
    With comments like that you are probably late for your next protest, or Socialist Democratic meeting.

  14. It is sad to hear the fear in your words, I am sorry.
    It will go away.
    Some will die, most will not. That is life.
    Positive test results are just that.
    They are not positive deaths, or even positive terrible side effects.
    Has anyone heard of a majority of the cashiers at Walmart, Heb, Home Depot, or Lowes getting infected to the point of calling in sick in numbers that puts a strain on check out lines, or stocking at night???
    I have not.
    Besides hospital workers, these folks are “essential workers/on the front line”.
    They talk with and help many different people everyday, from all over, and so far, for the last 3 months, are still working and healthy.
    Take precautions that suit you.
    If you are uncomfortable than stay home.
    This will pass, things will get back to “normal”.
    Try and not let the fear of the unknown control your life and those you have influence over.
    This virus is contagious enough, and mild enough, that it will pass, with or without a vaccine.
    Read more medical history and less main stream “end of the world news”.
    You will be happier for it.

    1. Are you really naïve enough to think that we would be told how many cashiers/stockers etc have been ill? Why would you think you should be entitled to that information since you don’t think you have any responsibility to help prevent the spread of this virus. Oh because it’s all about you, I forgot.

      1. If you want to wear a mask, wear one.
        I have a mask, and have worn it, when it seemed necessary in a given situation.

        Personally responsibility goes a long way.

        I am glad that you were born in Brenham.
        Maybe you can use some of that strength to not be soo scared.
        Wearing a paper thin mask, that is not form fitting, is not going to save you from most air borne particles.

        I have a double canister, charcoal filter mask that I use for construction, and it still can let a little sheetrock dust, or concrete dust in, and that is a 99.8 ppm filter rate.
        It is not about me at all.
        If you need to wear a mask in your car, while walking at the park, and everywhere else I see people wearing their paper masks, then feel free.
        Also, if you need to constantly sanitize your everything, then by all means do so madam.
        Just please don’t try and tell other residents what to do.
        Ask yourself, is this something I should dictate to others??, or should I worry about my own habits first.

        1. In normal situations “you do you” is always a good solution. But you see, we’re in one that requires us to care for other people. Which is difficult for a lot of people around here to understand. Wearing a simple mask, as you mentioned is very thin, it doesn’t protect the mask wearer. It’s to protect others from our germs. I wish people can see that wearing masks is a way to show that you care instead of a sigh of being afraid. Because, once again, the mask wearers know that the mask is not to protect themselves but to protect the person next to them.

          1. Is that it?
            Makes you feel better?
            Makes other people feel better?
            It works to protect or does not.
            Wearing paper over your face will do almost nothing to prevent germs from going out or into your system.
            Medical professionals wear medical grade masks, and they throw them out after each use.
            Now it is going to help all of us if everyone is wearing value price masks all the time???
            I call bull$#!+ on most of this over reaction and craziness.
            Has everyone lost thier mind and common sense?
            If you want to wear a mask, do it.
            If you don’t , don’t.
            Either way, most people will be fine, yes, fine. This virus will pass,and/or we will gain herd immunity.
            It seems like Big Brother control is getting much easier as the years progress.
            The more freedoms we give up as a society we will not get back.
            Even in The Great State of Texas, the powers that be have shut down businesses, picked “essential” and “non essential ” businesses to operate, and told us where and when we can go outside, when we can go to church!!!
            Try and read more, and listen to more different studies and reports.
            Don’t believe everything you read.
            Take in as much information as you can and make an informed chioce.
            Obove all, stop with the scared, worried nonsense.

  15. Come on, people! Medical personnel have worn masks for years! Where in the world did you get the idea you die from breathing in your bacteria from wearing a mask???
    How did doctors and nurses ever survive????

    1. These responses have been very awakening. I didn’t realize Brenham had been overrun by so many people who have fallen for the liberal media’s indoctrination campaign. People need to step away from CNN, MSNBC, and other local liberal news organizations that are all owned by just a few outlets. They have an agenda to push, and they are going all out before the election. Sounds like there are some here that have swallowed the propaganda pill that is being dished out. We need strong Americans who are awake and will use common sense. The mask situation is a control method, and it’s shocking that there are this many people that are scared and willing to bow down and give up your freedom. It’s going to get worse because of people who so willingly fall in line when they try to push this stuff. Never thought I would see Americans this weak. I’m sure there will be many who are going to reward other counties and towns that do not succumb to this, so as not to reward the ones who are pushing this.

    2. please provide your long term study that says the mask works. I’ve read what the CDC says, they don’t know. They are just going along with the madness at this point since they lost credibility.

      What you mask up or else people want ain’t going to happen. What will happen is a bunch of filthy rich conservatives from the lawsuits spinning out of this.

      Everything has risk in life. You pose a greater risk to others by getting on the road.

      1. How true…greater risk on the road. Traveling Beltway 8 Sat.nite & cars speeding….cutting into lanes…geez I was more afraid of that than the virus. Goes to show what fools on the highways & obvious they don’t value Life. I was forever grateful to arrive home SAFE. And to live in a community that values life. Yes far greater risk of dying while on the road. Just wear the mask…..I want the kiddos back in school &,some normalcy back to living. Staying indoors grows depression & people with draw from the World. For God sakes don’t read Facebook & listen all day to the TV……it will depress you.

    3. Yasss, tell them!!!!
      And plus what do healthcare workers and scientists get out of making everyone wear masks for nothing? Just to have a laugh? Smh…They don’t have the time and energy. They are working their butt off to save us from the virus

  16. There seems to be a lot of folks posting here that don’t understand WHY everyone should wear masks in public, or simply want to back up their refusal to wear them with nonsense pseudo-science. We need to come together as people and do what is best for society. But that’s hard to do in this day and age of the “me first” attitude. I’m ready to get businesses open and things back to normal. If I need to take simple precautions to achieve that goal, I am willing to do it. I would urge our city and county leaders to adopt and enforce a temporary face mask ordinance until the situation improves.

  17. Hey guys let’s try not wearing a mask! I want to see how many of you die so I don’t have to live with these idiots! Wearing a mask is now a political choice. I wonder how all these other countries that got it the same time as us just now have very few cases? I bet they didn’t wear a mask! That’s the logic you idiots have. I love to see it. I can’t wait for you to die from your own stupidity.

    1. Have you ever considered therapy? Wishing death upon people? You people are really showing your true colors. I know what side you’re own. The “tolerant” left.

    2. It’s ironic how upset you are over people who don’t want a mandatory mask order. Do you want a mask order for the safety of people’s lives while wishing death upon people who don’t agree with you? Is it about safety and health or is it just about taking sides? Interesting individual you are

  18. If this happens my family and I have already been coming up with other stores and restaurants outside the county and city to go to. We have children and we will not be scaring them by wearing masks over our faces in front of them. The mask is now a symbol of solidarity for the Democrats (as they have said) and I want no part of that. The leaders here are going to kill already starving businesses because people who know this is all political will just keep on driving to the counties who don’t go under a mask ordinance and spend time and money there. Rural cities (ours included don’t have increasing numbers) and if anyone has noticed the DEATH rate is NOT INCREASING. So we are going to keep destroying people’s livelihoods to save them from NOT dying?!? It’s a fact.

    1. Good luck finding somewhere to shop around here that doesn’t require mask. If that’s how u feel then get out of this town. Get over yourself and do what’s needed to protect others. So tired of the ignorance of this town.

    2. Lacey D. – we too have been looking to shop in areas where masks are NOT being forced on citizens through mandates by local governments, threatening fines for non compliance (basically extortion). I am willing to drive to shop in order to stand behind my beliefs. Pretty soon I feel that our city and county are going to give in to pressure from the mask crybaby crowd and issue their own mandate.

    3. Many people who support optional masks (as opposed to mandatory) tell me that if the “progressive” Brenham city council does this, they will go shop and dine in Chappell Hill, Burton, Bellville, Sealy, La Grange, Round Top, Fayetteville, Industry, Carmine, Giddings, Somerville, Caldwell, and Navasota. These towns and small communities all have great food, grocery stores and retail choices and appreciate the business. Thus far in the media sources I follow, Washington County, Fayette County, Lee County, Burleson County and Grimes County have not issued mask mandates and you are free to take personal responsibility without a required mask if that is your big concern. There are options for those who don’t want to wear a mask in Brenham… go elsewhere for your consumer needs.

      1. Thanks Miss Jackson, you’ve given some good suggestions for my family if indeed Brenham city council forces all citizens to wear a mask. It’s my body and my choice! If the law allows me the choice to endanger an unborn baby with pro-choice beliefs why can’t I also have that right when it comes to my choice to wear a mask?

  19. Erick,
    People have to use common sense. Just because a person is not worried about COVID, does not mean that they should go out without a mask and irresponsibly put others at risk especially vulnerable populations such as the elderly, children, and people with underlying health conditions. People that are taking precautions are not afraid. They are using common sense to protect themselves and others. No one knows how the virus will affect them. Some have serious complications and others don’t. So, why go out and take the risk when there is no way to know how it will affect you?

    1. If you’re worried about or fearing this “VIRUS” then keep on wearing your masks you shouldn’t have anything to worry about but yourSelf!! Us not wearing masks should not be of any concern at all if your wearing your mask and the masks work as you say. Dont try to force things apon others because you think “its for the greater good”. Probly the same ones that get the flu shot and then wonder why they get the flu smh. Ive never had a flu shot and have not ever had the flu or any kind of sickness to need the doctor. My body my choice. The real problem with society everybodys too worried about what everyone else is doing to even live Their own lives. Try it its great . To each his own.

  20. So masks are needed at restaurants but not lowes, target, heb? You arent allowed to congregate at a trump tally hut its ok to protest. We are suppose to maintain social distancing of 6 feet but the transmission rate is 27 feet. The surgeon general in january said masks dont work and now they say they do and we shoyld wear one. We were told that the models showed 2.2 million people dying but we have around 120000. You get in a car wreck and need intensive care. You test poditive for covid so now you are declared a icu covid case. This is scam. 90 percent of the deaths are in people over 60 and who have an underlying condition like morbid obesity, diabetes or some other comobidiity. This could have been addressed by isolating the elderly and those at high risk. This is about control

    Those willing to give up essential liberty for thr illusion of security deserve neother liberty or security. Ben franklin

  21. Me and my family will be doing all of our shopping and dining in other counties if these masks (which can actually cause harm by breathing back in your own bacteria), become mandatory here. If you’re uncomfortable, wear one. We should be able to make that decision per individual.

    1. You have completely been misinformed. Nurses and doctors and MANY other professions have been wearing masks forever and NOT ONE has ever been sick from it. Just because you heard it doesn’t make it true. Do actual research before you speak. I have severe lung issues and I have been wearing one 8 hrs a day for the past 6 weeks and haven’t had any issues. When you “go to other counties” please just stay there.

    2. Mask do not cause harm. Every major medical publication has reported this. There are many fake stories with dubious “medical experts”.

        1. it’s this kind of talk that we are about to have another quarantine. I wonder what would it be like if….if..we all wear masks and we can get back to business as usual. Look around you, no, not at your immediate circle! ( I have little hope for them either by your representation) Look at the countries that are doing it right, learn from them.

    3. There is scientifically ZERO harm in wearing a mask to you or anyone else. ZERO HARM. The harm comes when you go out without a mask. I just do not get this push back in doing what is good for everyone around us other than just being outright selfish and/or misinformed.

      1. Is it selfish and misinformed if you have trouble breathing while wearing a mask? What about those with asthma, COPD, or other breathing issues where masks makes it hard to breath, are they I sweat profusely and when the mask becomes soaked I cannot breath through it. There are many reasons that someone cannot wear a mask. I personally think before you call someone selfish or misinformed that you should consider that there may be a good reason why someone cannot wear a mask and give them the same respect you would give to someone with an easily identified medical condition.

    4. Per the VP of the USA: “We need to understand that COVID-19 has taken a very swift and very dangerous turn in Texas over just the past few weeks,” he said. If ever there was a time to protect yourself and neighbors, now is the time.

    5. That will be great if you go out of the county since you don’t want to wear a mask. I feel a little safer. I hope all the other people that refuse to be considerate and wear a mask will follow you.

  22. This is complete BS. Most of y’all wanting masks to be worn in public are just scared. If you want to wear a mask then you wear one. My choice to not wear one doesn’t end where your fear begins. If I get sick that is on me, not you. I’m grown up enough to except that responsibility. If I get sick then I’ll stay at home and deal with it. If a business says I have to wear a mask then my money will go to a different business. If you are scared then buy a dog and stay home with all your extra toilet paper.

    1. You obviously don’t know the reason behind the mask. You wearing a mask protects others, not you. Don’t be one of those that just think about yourself. It takes everyone to do their part. It’s just the right thing to do to protect everyone

      1. Do you even know how 99% of masks you see work? Go read my comment about masks. I work in the medical field and know a lot about masks and how they work. So really think about it before you call someone out like that. Do your own studies. You will find every mask you I see out there besides a Fitted N95, in pointless

        1. So now you’re telling others what they can say ?!!! (So really think about it before you call someone out like that.)

          Shouldn’t do that, we all have a Constitutional Right to free speech. Just because you don’t agree with it, you shouldn’t call others down on it.

  23. If a mask want even keep dust out of your nose! What makes you think that it will keep an airborne pathogen out! Just wondering.

    1. Its about reducing the risk of transmitting something to someone else. When you speak or clear your throat, you expel droplets of saliva. Masks catch those droplets. Even if it reduces it by 50 percent then its worth it. Nurses are not required to wear masks to protect themselves. They wear them so they don’t get a patient sick who may have an immune system that cant tolerate things that a healthy person can.

    2. The purpose of the mask is to keep your droplets from getting out. In the possible event that you are infected, it protects everyone around you. If wearing a mask is something you don’t want to do or for some reason you cannot do, then don’t go out!

  24. Would someone contact the President and ask him to please say wear a mask or have him wear a mask? Then all these folks screaming to wear one will flip to “no, you can’t make me wear one”!! I don’t want to hear any of you crying when these liberties NEVER return!! If you want to wear your mask over your mouth, but not your nose, fine. If you want to wear your mask under your chin covering nothing, fine. If you want to wear your mask halfway properly, but LIFT it to talk, fine. If you think you’re more protected then someone who isn’t wearing one, you’re wrong. I just described the OVERWHELMINGLY majority of people I see wearing masks. None of them(you) have a N95 fit tested mask that actually can protect you and most are so gross from overuse that it’s disgusting. Wash your freaking hands, don’t touch your face like your beloved Fauci said to begin with before getting political.

  25. At what point do they not see how dangerous this is. They both are of advance age and health issues. It should be mandatory . They need to put politics aside and do the right thing.

  26. Come on, it’s past time to make masks mandatory.
    Stand on the side of science and common sense. Protect everyone. No mask? No entry. Just be a good neighbor and put on your mask. No extra cost to businesses. Everyone must supply their own mask. Of course it is enforceable. There is already a person at every door every place we’ve been. All that is required is a big smile and
    “Oops, you forgot your mask. Please put it on.”
    Oh, you forgot it? Sorry, we must abide by City/County rules. We can’t let you in without one.”
    That’s the script for every public place. It’s a training issue.

    1. You are correct on one thing….It’s a “training” issue and you and others are blindly following along. They are testing just how far you can be “trained”. 1984 and animal farm are becoming reality…..Sad, so sad.

  27. I strongly disagree with what officials say that mandating people wear masks will hurt business. I beg to differ! People will feel safer going to businesses if they know everyone there has a mask on. I have many friends not going to businesses because so many are not wearing masks. If you mandate wearing masks, it will soon become a habit. Just like all the stink years ago about wearing a seatbelt in the car. It was made law. That’s how it was enforced. You get a ticket if you get pulled over without a seat belt on! Click it or ticket. The way you mandate wearing a mask is to require you wear one in every business but a restaurant only while eating. Easy peasy.
    Let’s stay small town but not small mind!! Any more questions??

    1. Yeah, why don’t you have to have a motorcycle helmet on if on a bike if you have to have a seatbelt on in a car? Why don’t school busses require seatbelts?
      Can I make a mask out of fishnet? What about swim goggles and a snorkel? The great state of NH doesn’t have a seatbelt law last I looked, maybe they should be forced by the federal gov? No reason the even greater state of Texas can’t get of the seatbelt safety nazi too!
      Lots of fun w this mask hypocrisy coming!

    2. Why don’t you stay at home and order everything you need and have it delivered to your house. I’m curious to know if you work or are you retired? If you work do you work outside or inside? Before you go and make it a law you should put your mask on and go work outside all day in the heat and then tell me about making it a law. I don’t mean go outside and walk around. Do some real manual labor and see what the people who work outside feel like. In my opinion you are part of the problem not the solution.

    3. So let’s get this strait. What kind of mask do you wear? Is it the paper thin surgical mask that protects you? Or are you wearing a N95 sealed mask that you took a fit test for? Or are you wearing Home Depot dust masks? More then likely you are wearing a surgical mask that doesn’t protect you. Oh, you are wearing a N95 mask? Did you get fit tested for it? No? So then that’s not going to help you either. But a cotton mask will help right? You are talking about a mask that olds bacteria, viruses, diseases, etc. So let’s again think about the importance of masks. Just walk around with your shirt over your face. That has the same protection as your surgical mask, cotton mask, dust mask. So COME ON PEOPLE. Open your eyes to this. You are being fed lies about these masks. Mandate it, try us.

      1. According to your “logic” doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals are wasting their time wearing surgical masks! If you do not want to wear one then DO NOT WEAR ONE. But do try not to have a breakdown if other more intelligent people decide for themselves to WEAR A MASK. Political entities that mandate the wearing of masks also make it clear that there will be no civil penalties to those who do not. SMH

    4. Wow! Can’t believe how quickly people are willing to give up their freedoms. The local, or Federal government should supply the people with reports, and make recommendations, but should not have the power to shut business down, lock down families in their homes, force the wearing of face masks, make testing mandatory, or make vaccines mandatory. At least we used to be free before some people decided to became sheeple.
      We better wake up and stop handing over our freedoms willingly before we lose them all. We are headed in that direction quickly.

      1. Should we be allowed to drive drunk or not wear a seat belt? Laws were passed to protect not only your life, but others. Wearing a mask as well as washing hands and cleaning high touch areas greatly reduces risk of transmitting the virus. The virus does not care about politics, remember that.

  28. It is about time; before you start talking about ‘your constitutional rights’, what about the rights of others to be safe? It seems to me, the Golden Rule has been forgotten about completely and replaced with me, me, me. I understand wanting to protect your rights, but, think of others who may be more vulnerable. Texans have always been known for being friendly and kind, what has happened to that? Not all people have children to shop for them, take care of them, and look out for their well being. Before you start your speech on your rights, please think of others who have to go out in the community, first responders, medical staff, and yes, the older people. Is that too hard to ask? Everyone pitching in together can make the numbers go down…..

    1. If others are wearing their masks then they’re safe, right? And those that are more vulnerable should take more precautions to keep themselves safe, right? Your health and safety is your responsibility, not everyone else’s. Kinda like the pro-choice group is always saying it’s their body, their choice. How is not wearing or not wearing a mask any different?

  29. Folks, wherever you stand on masks, or whatever Facebook post you believe about their effectiveness or lack thereof, please don’t hurt small businesses by refusing to visit them of they require a mask or fighting them about it. For the vast majority of us, a 30 minute browse wearing a mask in a small business won’t cause us damage. Please be kind!

    1. Perfectly stated! I know many store owners would prefer customers to wear a mask. We are all in this together!

  30. Durrenberger, however, is hesitant to make mask wearing mandatory, saying “mandating masks is hard to enforce and places an unnecessary burden on businesses that are already struggling in the midst of the pandemic”. Unbelievable – businesses will continue to struggle financially until the virus is stopped – masks are a painless way to help stop the spread of the virus – which will speed up business becoming financially successful again – no burden on the business if it is mandated and supported by local government official ie you Durrenberger and you Tate!

    1. A bigger problem is the large gatherings that are still occurring. There were definitely more than 100 people at Hohlt Park on Saturday the 27th playing softball. Why are large gatherings like this allowed?

    2. While we’re on this…what is with County Commissioners meeting together in the weekly meets. Yea they may have some distance but heavens sake those Commishs have family at home, maybe even family with medical issues….why can’t it just be a Zoom meeting. I suppose City council doing the same but those in PERSON meets totally unnecessary in today’s world. Get with it Judge & Mayor. Yes no business will suffer customers loss….because everyone will wear a mask…issue the MANDATE ..neither one seem to be in a hurry here so both get on the same PAGE & get the mandatory issue done NOW. Just like any virus it makes its course &,ends but not taking preventive measure will keep us in the woods for a long time. Get with the ZOOM meetings & protect the group at the meets & be smart. I’m sure they want their families round for yrs.to come just like the rest of us.

    3. Mandated or not no one wants to die , with that being said. It’s common sense to take care of yourself and others. I can’t believe some of the things you are saying. Do you negative ones even live here? I mean born and raised. Well I am a true Washington county resident and I love and care about all of my neighbors. I really thought that Washington county was a whole and not devided. It’s ok if you don’t care about us but we care about you. You don’t let politics confuse you with what’s really going on. We don’t need the government to tell us what common sense should show us. When you visit these other counties and spend your money with them, I agree stay there cause that’s not helping my county and don’t bring anything back with you. I wish no harm on anyone but I do wonder if you negative ones would get a taste of it would your perception change. I had it, the worsts case, survived but wasn’t easy and now I look around at those that have no idea what this virus can do to you. You can be a symptomatic have no signs and that virus is continuing to go through your body destroying your organs and then you don’t wake up. This has happened. What about the family that can’t be with you in ICU for love comfort and support. They die by themselves. That an undescribable and life changing. No last good byes. So if you live in Washington county and you don’t care about your neighbors then leave and stay gone. If everyone is dead you won’t have any business anyway. The love of money is the route of evil. These business have been around a long time and if they can’t sustain this then they need to close.

      1. No one believes you.
        You are not telling the truth.
        Live and let live, just stop lying.
        Whether you are born and raised here or not has nothing to do with your lies.
        Stop with the scared madness.
        You obviously have never run a business.
        If your business is shut for 3 months or more, you will go out of business, and/or into a endless hole of debt.

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