An employee at the Brenham post office has tested positive for COVID-19.

A worker at the post office, who chose to remain anonymous, told KWHI that the affected employee was last at work today (Monday), but was sent home to quarantine after the post office learned of the positive test result this morning.

The worker said the post office has not been provided many details about the situation, and has not been told who the employee may have been in contact with.

The post office will remain open at this time.

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    Does this employee have a mail route? If so, have the residents on the route been notified of possible exposure? If true that they had been sick and showing symptoms for a week…. imagine all the people exposed !!

  2. The fact that this person went to work while being sick during a PANDEMIC is horrible. This post office needs to be SHUT DOWN and SANITIZED completely ASAP!!!! And to the commenter that said its only bad if you are “half way there”…give me a break. I have a friend that was in ICU for THREE WEEKS with this virus. He is in early 40’s with ZERO underlying conditions so you pal are misinformed! I hope someone does something about this post office situation. No one should be working there right now!!! This is INSANE!

  3. Does anybody even deliver mail anymore ? I get notices from the postal services as to what is being delivered today and then there is NO Mail that day, such a joke, mail can come from 8 AM to 8 PM and some time on Sunday. this Such a Joke

  4. I was in the post office a few days ago. I wore a mask but there were a few that did not have a mask on. It should be required. I wish that employee would have just stayed home if the were sick. This is how the virus spreads. This is very alarming.

  5. If your feeling sick why would you go to work and spread the virus to other employees and anyone that has to go in the post office? PEOPLE PLEASE STAY HOME THIS ISNT SOMETHING TO PLAY WITH IT IS REALLY SOMETHING THAT CAN KILL YOU OR SOMEONE ELSE 😢

    1. It only kills the people that are already half way there. Those are the ones that should never leave the house or have any family come over I guess for the rest of your life because this isn’t going anywhere.

      1. You are wrong! Fairly healthy people are also being hit with this awful virus & can lose their life! Hope you won’t be one of them.

      2. Not true. Personally know an otherwise very healthy 20-something who thought he would “just be a bit sick” and got way worse and is really sick. I hope others dont have to go through that to see the seriousness of this!

      3. Not true…it’s non discriminatory…..And even if you live, some people not all are affected the rest of their lives by this virus….lungs/heart/kidneys take your pick or maybe all will be affected….and people tend to forget some people especially elderly don’t own computers or fancy phone to order groceries and meds online……most don’t even have credit/debit cards to do that and wouldn’t know how if they do……elderly are proud people and many will not ask for help……they have to eat, get their mail, and are out in public….is it too hard for people to think of others?

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