Five candidates are running for two positions on the Burton school board May 10th , but that is one of the rare local elections coming in May.

Incumbents Nicole Harmel and Misty Goldberg Lucherk filed for re-election to the Burton  School Board, along with Ande Bostain, Felton W. Cox and Jeff Harmel.  The top two vote getters in the May 10th  will serve.

This is one of the few elections coming in May. Brenham city and school board elections are not on for this year after the election cycle was shuffled due to a new law.

SB 100 changed the voting process for military and overseas voters who may encounter obstacles and time delays with the standard voter by mail process.

The bill requires ballots to be mailed or emailed to military and overseas voters no later thn the 45th day before the election.  This is why the runoffs for the Texas primaries are not until May 27th.

The Brenham City Council and the Brenham School board delayed their elections for a year, until next May.


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