As COVID-19 cases continue to climb in Washington County and across the state, local health officials are encouraging the public to make changes to their Thanksgiving plans.

Dr. William Loesch, shown here in a Washington County Joint Information Center video update from May 15th, says families need to remain cautious when making plans for Thanksgiving.

As of Sunday, the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) reported 171 active COVID-19 cases in Washington County.  That is an estimated increase of 60 active cases from Sunday, November 15th, and an increase of 136 active cases from November 1st.  The county is reporting 915 total cases, 691 recoveries, and 53 deaths.

Washington County Health Authority Dr. William Loesch says it is hard to pinpoint exactly what caused this particular increase in cases, but he believes people may have become too relaxed of late in their efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19.



According to Dr. Loesch, hospital capacity in Brenham is okay for the moment, but capacity is “brimming” in places like College Station.  He says there is not a cause for alarm yet, but the need to be careful remains crucial in order to avoid overwhelming the hospital system.

Dr. Loesch recommends avoiding hosting or going to large gatherings, especially for those who are at higher risk of contracting the virus.  He says any sort of get-togethers should be kept to a minimum and limited to the immediate household if possible.  If the weather cooperates, he says holding gatherings outside is also a good choice.

Dr. Loesch knows “COVID fatigue” is certainly affecting many people who are frustrated with continued health and safety restrictions, but there is hope on the horizon.



Dr. Loesch says patience is key during this time, in order to ensure that next year’s holiday gatherings can return to normal.

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  1. Chana, just keep your head in the sand without your mask on.
    You don’t have to wear a mask around your family if you don’t want to. I just hope you are not a carrier or that someone there isn’t positive!!!
    How in the world would you know if someone is compromised? Oh, wait a minute, you know it all! How selfish can you be?
    Can you explain all the COVID deaths?
    No one is trying to scare you, these are the hard facts.
    People wear masks to protect others. Jesus asks us to love and care for each other. This is so simple. Can you try?

    1. Well you need to check the facts about total covid deaths. The cdc came out about a month ago and stated only 6% of all death were covid relate. The wearing of mask should be your option. We need to stop listening to all the negative news

  2. Why are people falling for this ? The reason for more cases is testing this is getting to be overkill now . New case does not mean the people are sick , THINK ABOUT THIS ,IF YOU HAVE TO BE TESTED TO EVEN KNOW YOU HAVE IT THEN IT MUST NOT BE SO DEADLY . I know people who work the medical field including Hospitals ther is no crowded ERs any where . Tha fake news is trying to restart another Plandemic .To conclude yes it is a real virus but not deadly with a 99.98 % recovery rate ,If a person has a comprmised Immune System they are the ones who should be wearing a msk not healthy people . Ther Is A Cure as well President Trump was in and out of the hospital in three days . I will not support the plandemicany further , if people can gather to prtest and riot them i can have Thanksgiving with my family !

    1. That is correct.
      More positive cases are just that.
      More testing, more positives, because it is spread easy enough, with a 99.997 % recovery rate.
      Have a Happy Thanksgiving.
      If you are concerned for your health, stay away from other people and wait for the vaccine.
      Be brave everyone, it will be okay.
      Life must go on, even if some of us would rather it go on under extremely controlled, restrictive conditions.

      1. How is “extremely controlled, restrictive conditions” even relevant in this case? Wearing a mask is a Christian thing to do to protect each other.

    2. People who get tested, that only have mild symptoms, aren’t just concerned about themselves. They get tested because it could be deadly to loved ones, friends and anyone they spread it to. Shouldn’t we be considerate of those with known and unknown health issues?

    3. Testing has not increased; please research before spreading misinformation. Further, there is a certain someone whose husband had Covid and is laid up in the hospital, yet they are out drinking at restaurants downtown. They should be in self quarantine for two weeks, not potentially exposing others.

    4. This can’t be real. Masks protect the people around you, not the person wearing it. Small groups are less likely to spread the disease than larger gatherings. It is common sense. Yes rates are because there are more tests…but have you thought as to why they would need a test in the first place? Maybe because more people are becoming exposed because people are not social distancing, they are going to parties like weddings and halloween parties, and people have this misinformed notion that masks protest the person wearing them and therefore they are not needed if you think you are healthy. Stop using a person who has failed us at every turn in the pandemic as your reference source for recovery rate; you seem to forget that person has medical personal at his disposal that 99% of us do not have. Spend Thanksgiving with your family if you so insist but please wear a mask and stay 6 ft apart and have some consideration for your fellow Brenham resident! You do not get to judge who is worthy of a healthy life.

    5. Don’t say we didn’t warn you ……someone life is not a joke . WEAR YOUR MASK ….DONT CRY LATER WHEN ITS TOO LATE.😷

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